Actress Kelly Adams gets married in £200 ceremony

‘Hustle’ star Kelly Adams and her fashion photographer fiancé Chris Kennedy have tied the knot, according to the Daily Mail.

However, it wasn’t an extravagant wedding like many celebrity marriages. Adams’ mother paid for the meal, so the costs were just for the London wedding reception venue, totalling up to £200.

After the ceremony, the couple had a low-key reception-cum-lunch with family and friends, representing the epitome of a tasteful wedding.

Kelly, who did her own hair and make-up for the big day, spoke to Hello! Magazine after the event: “We really didn’t want it to be a big deal.”

“It was very romantic, very fun and very us,” she added.

The actress initially didn’t ‘believe’ in marriage but revealed that she proposed to Kennedy when they were on a break in Bruges for his birthday.

“Chris is very smug about the fact I asked him,” she admitted. She also explained that she doesn’t want children, just yet.

“Chris is only 26 and, as an actress, my 30s are my best years. In your 20s you spend your time playing babes, you won’t get so many gritty amazing parts. So I’ll hang fire for a while.”

Kelly’s show, ‘Hustle’, is set to return next year.

Harry Potter stars to descend on London

Harry Potter has grown up a lot during his time at Hogwarts, but now the self-titled movie franchise is too big for even parts of London to handle.

The premiere of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ will take place in Trafalgar Square on July 7, before moving to the more traditional location of Leicester Square, according to Yahoo! News.

Warner Bros Pictures UK has been working with actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint for over a decade, and they will undoubtedly want to throw a big send-off for all the cast and crew. Now that the actors have grown up in real life, they are likely to head out afterwards to celebrate in one of the great party venues London has to offer.

Josh Berger, president and managing director of Warner Bros Pictures UK, told This Is London: “We are delighted that our plans for the finale of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will take place in such a spectacular venue.”

“We pride ourselves on the creativity of our premieres and the space within Trafalgar Square will lend itself to being a magical experience for both guests and fans.”

The seven movies have generated £3.9 billion at the box office, and feature an all-British cast in each and every film. Studio executives decided to release the finale in two parts, leaving film fans on a cliff-hanger since December 2010.

“For the last decade we’ve been gripped by the on-screen battle between Harry Potter and his arch enemy Lord Voldemort, and this is one of the most eagerly awaited films in history,” said London mayor, Boris Johnson.

“As befits a great British triumph, I can think of no better venue than the iconic surroundings of Trafalgar Square in which to stage the most spectacular of send offs,” he added in a statement.

The Harry Potter series will hit cinemas on July 15th.

BT calls on public to plan wedding

BT has called on the British public to step forward and act as wedding planner for the fictional wedding between its television characters, Adam and Jane.

As part of a six-year-long advertising campaign, BT has tracked the lives of the fictional Adam and Jane; from when the pair were first dating, to Jane becoming pregnant after a Facebook poll decided her fate.

Now, the public have been called upon once again to vote for favourite aspects of the pair’s wedding, as the storyline showed Jane going into labour early – leaving the loved-up two without time to plan their transport, wedding reception venue or attire.

According to Campaign Live, BT’s marketing director, David James, spoke out about the turn of events, citing the significance of the story line to the great British public.

“This is an important moment in a much-loved story line which has been running for nearly six years,” said the director. “There was an overwhelming response to the pregnancy vote, and it seems only right that Adam and Jane fans should have a chance to be a part of the couple’s big day, as they finally tie the knot.”

Now Facebook fans of the campaign can play a part in the couple’s nuptials, as reported that they could vote for their favourite dress, car and first dance ahead of the ‘wedding’.

Two votes will be selected at random by BT to become part of the event, being transported to the set for the filming of the final advert.

Registry office weddings on the rise

More people are opting for registry office weddings in a bid to curb the expense, according to a London Borough council.

The number of couples tying the knot this way has increased by 16% year on year. One reason for the rise is that “people [are] choosing more low-key venues to help save money,” says BBC News.

Alternatively, many couples are re-evaluating the real meaning of marriage and opting for smaller, more meaningful ceremonies, then finding a great wedding reception venue to celebrate with friends and family afterwards.

Another reason for the increase could be the numbers of celebrity nuptials that have taken place in venues other than a church. David Walliams, Barbara Windsor, Sylvester Stallone and Joan Collins have all been married in registry offices. 

One particular London registry office has seen provisional registry bookings shoot up from 1,762 in 2009/2010 to 2,056 for 2010/1011.

Superintendent registrar, Alison Cathcart spoke to BBC News about the turn of events: “These figures suggest that despite the economic doom and gloom, people still want to get married, but they now seem to be looking for a cheaper alternative to the traditional and somewhat expensive church wedding.

“With so many historic and unusual venues available, booking a registry office has proved to be a really popular option for people looking to get married or have a civil partnership.”  

£1,000 spend required for 50/50 shot at Olympics Tickets

Brits had to spend on average £1,000 on Olympics tickets in order to achieve a 50/50 per cent chance of getting “at least one ticket”, the Guardian has claimed.

The news publication came to the conclusion after polling some 5,000 people that applied for tickets, in order to uncover some of the buying trends.

From its findings, the Guardian deduced that those who spent between £1 and £249 on tickets had a 35 per cent chance of getting once ticket. Those who spend £250 to £499 increased their chances by five per cent, and the big spenders who had over £5,000 to spend managed to score an 83 per cent chance.

The results were contradicted by some exceptions, such as the family who spent around £11,000 on their ticket orders – and didn’t receive a single ticket.

The matriarch of the family was furious, claiming: “My husband and I applied for a vast number of tickets. I am so incensed that we as Londoners have paid for this event, and yet my family will not go and see it at all.”

However the lack in tickets may encourage more Brits to rent out function venues in order to watch their favourite sporting events with family and friends. Olympics parties will likely become more and more common as the race to 2012 continues.

Although many have been left empty-handed, calling the situation “unfair” in the Mirror, a scarce few got all the tickets they ordered – just 1.6 per cent of respondents to the Guardian’s poll.

One such lucky person spoke out, stating: “Ordered for Taekwondo and Judo early rounds and wasn’t surprised to get them But what joy at getting the cycling tickets at the velodrome! Yay!”

24 hour Tube for London 2012

Transport groups are discussing the possibility of a 24-hour Tube service in London for the 2012 Olympics, it has been revealed.

The London Evening Standard suggests that the games will carry ‘hundreds of thousands’ more commuters on the transport system which currently carries three million passengers every day. If the plans are approved, then event venues across the whole of London are likely to benefit.

The Olympics will run July 27th to August 12th, and there will be a need for some kind of additional transport plan in order for visitors to get around the capital. Transport for London (Tfl) and Olympic Delivery Authority took responsibility for all transportation programmes last month.

The Real Maritime and Transport union and the Transport Salaried Association are also involved in the talks but are yet to confirm or deny any proposals.

A TfL spokesman told the Press Association: “We are on track to deliver all transport improvements well ahead of the Games and are confident of supporting a fantastic London 2012 Games and keeping London moving. We are now drawing up our detailed transport plans for the Games. However, no decisions have yet been taken about the Tube’s hours of operation during 2012.”

Union bosses are expected negotiate pay rates with the TfL and London Mayor, Boris Johnson, about future deals.

In a press release last month, the Mayor vowed to keep London moving, and recognised the benefits the games are set to bring Londoners.

He said: “I am conscious that not only is this an unparallelled opportunity, but also that we have a responsibility to ensure London functions as smoothly and efficiently as possible during the Games for the great people who live, work and play here.”

Charlie Sheen wants to party with London mayor

US actor Charlie Sheen has caught the attention of London mayor, Boris Johnson, by saying he wants “to hang out with him.”

Sheen has described Johnson as someone who “looks like he drops a few pints”, according to The Sun; and with all its great party venues, London could well be the ideal place for the two to meet – should the Mayor take him up the offer.

The ‘Two and a Half Men’ star has made global headlines for his erratic behaviour over the last few weeks. Some speculate it is fuelled by his love of partying.

Sheen also passed comment on UK celebrities when he mentioned Johnson, and even compared himself to soul singer Amy Winehouse – someone who is also known for her late nights.

Whilst describing his perfect night out in Britain, footballer John Terry, Sir Antony Hopkins and Pete Postlethwaite – who died this year – also were on Sheen’s list of people he’d like to share a drink with. cited Mayor Johnson’s courteous reply to the offer, which read: “I’m flattered to hear Charlie Sheen’s comments. I’ve no doubt that we would have plenty to talk about.”

“A night out with him would no doubt be intriguing and extremely memorable.”

Sheen also spoke of Russell Brand fondly. He described the comic as “a mad genius,” saying: “He’s a gift to all things galactic and extragalactic. He’s got liquid magic.”

Brits could combine Royal Wedding and St George’s Day celebrations

A brewer has encouraged the public to combine their celebrations of the Royal Wedding and St George’s Day, creating one bumper party period.

According to the Morning Advertiser, one independent brewer has suggested that people take advantage of the long run of bank holidays surrounding both the national events, and hold their own celebrations.

This may encourage people nationwide to hire a venues such as The Porter Tun, King George III, Sugar Rooms, Queen Charlotte room, Smeaton Vaults and James Watt room and invite friends and family for a good old knees-up, come April; especially if they take Chris Lewis’ advice.

Lewis is a representative of the brewer, and claimed that St George’s Day was becoming more popular than ever: “Every year, St George’s Day has grown.”

It could be even more celebratory this year, he added, as Brits can start “with a great English Friday and [run] until the May Day bank holiday.”

He went on to add how the Royal Wedding could play its part: “As the wedding will be shown on terrestrial TV, everyone can watch the proceedings as they unfold, while they sample some of the best food and drink you can offer.”

“The Royal Wedding couldn’t have come at a better time. This is just what the nation needs to escape from austerity Britain.”

One ex-pat writer, Chris Marshall, agreed with Lewis, claiming that St George’s Day was a holiday worth celebrating. He even declared: “I want to celebrate it. The longer I live this expatriate lifestyle, the more I appreciate the cultures and traditions of home.”

Marshall added in The Guardian: “Maybe it is simply a fact of getting older.”

Lily Allen's wedding plans coming along

Lily Allen has confirmed that famed designer Karl Lagerfeld is set to design her wedding dress, prompting speculation that her wedding plans are coming along nicely.

According to The Daily Mail, Allen confirmed the news after hearing to the Chanel show of Paris Fashion Week – the fashion house for which Lagerfeld is head designer.

The pop star even paid tribute to the designer whilst the show, clutching a Chanel bag and wearing stylish orange lipstick.

After taking in the show, Allen headed to Lagerfeld’s studio at the Grand Palais, to discuss the plans and take a sneaky look at his latest collection of designs.

When approached by press outside of Lagerfeld’s studio, she confirmed: “I’m here to see Karl for my wedding dress,” Catwalk Queen reported.

She later took to her Twitter account to make a further statement, claiming: “Chanel show in Paris was lovely. On my way home now, think I might hide for a while.”

The singer, who has suffered two miscarriages in recent years, is set to marry long-term beau, Sam Cooper, in the latter months of 2011. The pair have been dating since the summer of 2009.

Other aspects of the upcoming nuptials have not been confirmed yet, such as the location, wedding reception venue or the myriad of celebrity guests that might be expected to attend.

Hotel occupancy report shows London still global leader for event venues

When it comes to corporate events or party venues, London is still the place according to the global hotel occupancy league table for 2010.

The English capital finished third in the global hotel occupancy table suggesting that more people are choosing to book their Christmas party nights or conference venue in London. report that London had a hotel occupancy rate of 82.1% for the last calendar year.

The city finished marginally behind Sydney and Seoul meaning it posted the highest occupancy rate throughout Europe.

The statistics delivered by Deloitte may encourage those hoping to book a hotel before attending their conference venue in London to do so quite a while beforehand.

Deloitte Global Managing Director Alex Kyriakidis told “Revpar growth gained momentum in the capital during 2010 and the results were good despite the current economic uncertainty facing the UK economy. 

“2011 may prove to be more challenging, however, as the city starts to see new hotel supply come on board in the run up to the 2012 London Olympic Games” reported that London was one of only five cities to appear in the global top 20 for hotel occupancy, average room rate and revPAR ranking.

The other four cities were Paris, Tel-Aviv, Istanbul and Zurich.