A Day At The Races….Brewery Style!

Despite some fairly dismal weather we managed to complete an exciting test day with our Porsche racing team at Brands Hatch yesterday. We’re looking forward to next season when we hope to be able to take some of our clients along for this amazing experience.

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How to write a winning speech


A great speech can prick the emotions, bring people together, provide much-needed reassurance or profoundly affect individuals’ beliefs. The best speeches have even changed the course of history. Therefore, the power associated with public speaking should never, ever be underestimated and this knowledge can place a heavy dose of pressure on the shoulders of a speech writer.

While your upcoming address to shareholders / employees / peers / rich donors, etc, may not have cause to set the world on fire, no one wants to stand on the stage and deliver a lacklustre monologue. Writing and giving a speech is a task that can strike fear into most of us – from nervous grooms to even the most seasoned CEO. However, armed with a few helpful tips, you need never tear your hair out about it again.

Here are five top tips on writing a winning speech:

1. Write like you speak

Long words and meandering sentences will position you as knowledgeable and credible to your audience, right? Maybe if you’re writing something that will be read. Expert speech writers say you should ‘write for the ear and not the eye’ – using words and phrases that will be understood by all. It’s best to read your speech aloud as you write it, to ensure that it does sound all right. Use shorter sentences and pause where you need to pause. This will also help make you appear ‘human’ – which is so important if you want people to buy into your message.

Going For Gold.

We’ve been awarded The VenueVerdict Gold Standard Accreditation for consistently high scores on our independent guest satisfaction surveys. Thanks to everyone for completing the survey and letting us know about your time at The Brewery.

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Seven of the most cringe-worthy speeches ever

Are you preparing for a speech – be it a key note speech at a business conference, an award-acceptance speech, or a best-man/bridesmaid speech at a wedding – and in need of some inspiration? Well, we’ve already covered the best of the best in the most captivating speeches ever, but there are plenty of lessons for you to learn in this blog, too.

Here’s what not to do in your speech. From Miss Teen USA and the Oscars to a former president, there have been some truly cringe-worthy speeches given over the years. Here are seven of the cringiest.

Miss Teen USA

Lesson 1: If you get flustered, take a few seconds to compose yourself

We’re not going to badger on too long about how hilarious and cringey this speech from Miss Teen South Carolina is – she’s only a teenager after all. But…the answer is just…it doesn’t really make any…well, just watch it and see for yourself.

If you get heckled, or the nerves get the better of you, give yourself time to think things through before you speak.

Kanye West for President?


Eight of the most captivating speeches ever

“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

That great joke by comedian Jerry Seinfeld sums up how many of us feel about having to give a speech in public –scared to death of it.

However, there are many people out there who seem like they were born to deliver public speeches. Their gift of elocution and the message contained within it was so strong that we’re still talking about their speeches today – more than 100 years later, in some cases.

Whether you’re going to deliver a key note speech at a business conference, or a best-man/bridesmaid speech at a wedding, there are things here that we can all learn from. Here are eight of the most captivating speeches ever.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ‘I have a dream’


Planning an awards ceremony in London – from the venue to the vino

London awards ceremony - The Brewery

The lights are dimmed; suspense and excitement are in the air; wine is nervously sipped and then everyone holds their breath…the winner is about to be announced….

“The venue we’re going to hire for our awards ceremony IS…”

Yep; it’s certainly a tough and important decision when you’re planning an awards ceremony. The venue can make or break an event, and in a city like London where there are countless locations posing as respectable awards ceremony venues, it’s crucial you pick the right one.

So what you should look for in a venue? What kind of food and drink should you serve? How can you make sure your ceremony runs smoothly? Let’s break it down. (more…)

We Are The Champions

Last Friday completed a fantastic week for The Brewery as we walked away with the Best Event Venue 600 to 1,000 attendees at The London Venue Awards. This followed a highly commended in the Event Venue of The Year category at The Event Awards earlier in the week.


Frighteningly spooky Halloween costume ideas

The evenings are drawing in, the leaves are starting to change colour and there’s a spooky feeling in the air… you know it’s nearly Halloween and that means just one thing (aside from eating far too many sweets): you have free licence to dress in the most crazy get-up you can find!

Halloween has become much more of an ‘event’ in the UK in recent years, with many of us attending large-scale parties. Hence the pressure is on to look incredible. No longer will that off-the-shelf-ghost-outfit-from-Asda cut it; everyone wants to look spooktacular! (more…)