Five ways that a conference can boost your business

If you run a large organisation then gathering together employees for an off-site conference can be a complex activity to organise. From sorting out the arrangements for the event itself – to travel, accommodation and someone else to do the work while people are away – it’s a large undertaking. However, doing so has a great number of benefits. Here are just five of the ways in which a conference can boost your business:

It creates a tribe mentality

Bringing everyone together, particularly everyone who works for the same organisation, creates a unity and a feeling of pushing together towards a shared objective. Gathering employees for a conference which sets out the ways in which your business wants to grow and move forward is a great way to get people enthused. In addition, it’s also a great opportunity for people to meet others within their own organisation – creating friendships and alliances which can only help to boost your business going forward.




It empowers and enhances leadership

The leaders of your organisation can take centre stage at a conference, emphasising the role they hold in the business and making it clear that they are the ones to look to for future direction. Particularly for organisations where leaders are more separate from the main workforce, a conference is a great opportunity for people to put faces to names and to hear directly from their leaders. This, in turn, can really boost morale.

It can bring a sense of renewal

An annual conference is a great marker point for a business, a time to reflect upon what has happened in the previous 12 months and look forward to the year ahead. If times have been tough, a conference can provide something of a fresh start – empowering employees to go back to their daily lives and take forward the lessons they have learnt on the day.



It allows for effective internal communication

Particularly in large organisations, internal communications can be difficult and can frequently lead to mixed messaging to different groups. Gathering everyone together at a conference allows for a consistent message to be shared, directly.



You can reward your staff with a great day out

No matter how much someone might like their job, everyone likes a day away from the office. A conference is a great way of offering something a bit different for your workforce – a day away, but with the focus still upon the business and the future direction.

At The Brewery, we have a wonderful flexible location ideal for any size of conference. We are based in the City of London with great transport links, plenty of accommodation nearby and the wonderful Capital to explore. During your conference we can supply great food including breakfast snacks, a lunchtime buffet and afternoon treats – rewarding staff for the hard work they have been doing.

What’s more, organising a conference at The Brewery is really simple to do. We have a team of conference organisers who can assist you so that you can spend your time ensuring the content of your conference is as great as it can be. To find out more contact us today.

The benefits of holding a staff summer party

While most businesses now traditionally host an organisation-wide get-together at Christmas, holding a summer party is not something that every company does. However, it’s growing in popularity and when you consider the benefits it’s easy to see why.

Here at The Brewery, each year we host summer parties throughout June, July and August where we are joined by businesses or groups of individuals for a night where they can host clients, reward the hard work of their employees and enjoy some time away from the office together. This year our summer party is themed around a Tiki celebration with palm trees, grass skirts and hula dancing to transform our City of London venue into a Polynesian paradise.


If you’re not sure whether a summer party is right for your business here are just a few of the benefits:

It’s great for staff bonding

Everyone has a great story to tell from a Christmas party, but with these social events only coming around once a year the bonds and camaraderie that getting together outside of work can fuel peter out as the months roll on. And, let’s face it Christmas is still months away! Bringing your staff to one of our summer parties is great for team bonding.

It can boost staff retention

Nowadays, particularly for the millennial generation, workers are looking for great company benefits. Many businesses are pushing the boat out to provide something different and encourage employee loyalty. Providing an all-expenses paid party is a pat on the back for your employees, recognising the hard work they are doing and rewarding them for it. That recognition won’t be forgotten and long after the tropical shirts have been packed away we are sure the party will still be the talk of the business.

It boosts morale

Busy periods at work are great for the owners as it means more revenue coming in, but for workers the stress and pressure of getting everything done can lead to a drop in morale. In a similar way to the above benefit, holding a summer party for your employees thanks them for the work they are doing, showing them that it is being recognised and acknowledged.

It’s tax deductible!

OK, so while all of the above sounds great – the money to pay for the party has to come from somewhere. The great news is that some of the expenses are tax deductible. In addition, our pricing scheme for the summer parties is clear and unambiguous.

We charge a per person rate either for the main event itself or for the event and the after-party, and for that fee everything is included. This means that as soon as you know how many people will be attending, we’ll be able to tally up the final cost for you. There will be no surprises and no massive bar bills to pick up at the end.

You can promote it across social media

Showing your business out and about and having fun together is great PR for your company and our summer parties are set to be an Instagram picture dream. As you walk into the venue you’ll be greeted by a fun, tropical décor ideal for team photos which can be shared throughout the night. Having happy, smiling employees beaming out from your social pages speaks volumes about what a great employer you are.

So, if you’ve been persuaded by the benefits then get in touch with us today to find out more and book your organisation into our summer party.

Ten ways to make your wedding unique

It’s your wedding and your big day so naturally you want to make it unique to you and your partner. But with so many weddings taking place every day – you can be left feeling like you are just following the crowd and doing the same things as everyone else. So, how do you make it personal and unique?

Here are our top ten tips for making your wedding stand out from the rest:

Theme it!

There are so many different ways in which you can theme your wedding. From something simple like just choosing a matching colour scheme to a more all-out affair of an American or country-style theme, bringing everything together under one theme is becoming more and more popular. You can be as rigid or as flexible as you like with your theme – maybe not only making all the decorations match but tying in the food and the drink as well.

Make it personal

Have photos scattered around your wedding venue showing yourself and your partner throughout your relationship and with family and friends. This emphasises that the day is all about the two of you and the love you share together.

Host your wedding in an amazing location

At The Brewery we pride ourselves on being the ideal place for those looking to host a unique wedding. We have a wide variety of rooms, all of which come with that all-important wow factor to impress your guests. From small intimate spaces to huge areas fit for hundreds of people we have the right place for you. What’s more The Brewery has a wealth of interesting history and royal connections which can all be tied into your day.

Make your guests feel special

While having wedding favours on the table at the wedding breakfast is a long-held tradition, it’s just another area you can make unique. Rather than just the traditional mints, almonds or chocolates – consider something which speaks about who you are as a couple. Guests will also love something personalised to them – for example the drink you know they love or their favourite penny sweets. If you’ve also got guests staying over then consider a morning after bag in their room, full of treats to freshen them up following the party.

Make your own wedding rings

Did you know you and your partner can now create your own wedding rings? Places like the Wedding Ring Workshop here in London allow you to spend the day melting metal and shaping it to create something completely unique.

Have your own cocktail

Why not serve your very own cocktail – named as something which is special to you both – to serve at your wedding. Your guests will enjoy something delicious and you could even hand out the recipe so they can make your special wedding cocktail for years to come.

Modernise the guest book

A guest book where your family and friends can note down their hopes and dreams for you both is a really popular touch, but nowadays the ways in which your guests can leave their messages are becoming ever more unique. How about a video guest book where guests record messages for you – you could set this up by simply sending an iPad around the room and asking people to record their message in that way. Alternatively, how about asking people to sign something like a piece of wood which you could then install into your family dining table – making their good wishes prominent forever more.

Serve your favourite food

Making the day unique to you as a couple means including all the things you like – and that includes the food. Many people believe that a wedding breakfast should be an elegant, fancy affair. This is great if this is the type of food that you enjoy but if not, feel free to choose something different. If your favourite food is fish and chips or a steak dinner, why not go with that? Your guests will enjoy having something a bit different if they know it reflects you.

Choose a cake that suits you

While having a wedding cake is a great tradition to follow – again it doesn’t have to be a sponge cake if that’s not what you’re into. More and more people are choosing something a bit different – such as a cheese cake (made of wheels of cheese) or a pie cake (made up of three or four large savoury pies).

Do what you want

Ultimately, the best way to make your wedding unique is to make it suit your tastes. So, if you are not much of a dancer, then drop the first dance. If you are passionate about bingo then throw in a game before the speeches and if you don’t like sit down dinners, serve a buffet. Uniqueness comes from what you like and at The Brewery we’ll work with you to make it as unique as you dream. Contact us today to find out more.

The sun is shining… it’s time to think about Christmas!

With the hot weather finally starting to break through and thoughts turning to our summer holiday plans it probably seems rather strange for us to be using the ‘C’ word.

However, if you are planning to hold a large Christmas party, you need to be getting organised with what you intend to do right now. June is prime time for bookings to be taken for Christmas parties and here at The Brewery we are no different.

We’ve got one of the best parties in London planned for this year. Here’s a bit more about it and how you can get booked in…







Christmas 2017 at The Brewery

This Christmas we invite you to journey with us back to the 1920’s as we travel to Hollywood to pay homage to the iconic silent movies of the time. Stepping into the prohibition era you’ll be dressed to the nines for the world premiere of the newest feature from The Brewery Picture Co. ‘Journey to the Moon’. An award-worthy picture telling the story of Professor Moorgate and his adventures into space, we are delighted to say that the trailer for the film is now available to view.

Imagine a world of glitz and glamour and you’ll just touch upon what you’ll find at The Brewery in December. Our Christmas parties will offer a magical night that you and your guests will remember forever as you dine with the stars of the movie and the film’s director.





Making things easy for you

Organising a big Christmas party can be a daunting task, but our range of packages are designed to make things as simple as possible. If you are hosting between 50 – 1000 guests we have packages which offer you exclusive venue hire or if you have between 10 – 100 guests you can enjoy a fantastic shared party, allowing you to meet and mingle as much as you like.

Throughout the party, your guests will be supplied with unlimited amounts of beer, wine and soft drinks as well as a themed cocktail and sparkling wine reception on arrival.

Party-goers will sit down for a three-course dinner, and as the organiser of the event you’ll be invited to come along to our annual tasting event later this year where you will be able to try the menu, sample the wines and see the table layouts so that you be assured you’ll be hosting the best Christmas party possible.

The party also goes on late into the night with a DJ and live band setting the mood as you dance the night away.





Getting organised now

Our Christmas parties run throughout December but dates are starting to fill up now. If you would like to know more or wish to book your Christmas 2017 party here at The Brewery, then get in touch to find out more. Call us today on 020 7638 8811 or visit

Our event managers will be able to support you throughout the organisation of your event, so you can be assured of a hassle-free time this Christmas with your Christmas party at The Brewery.