4 Fabulous wedding trends you’ll love

To give you some exciting new ideas to consider for your wedding, here are some of the top trends that we’re expecting to see throughout 2018 and 2019.


You may have heard that Pantone have recently announced their 2018 colour of the year: Ultra Violet! Staying on trend couldn’t be easier when you have such a fun colour to work with; whether you choose to incorporate it in your flowers or if you’d like to be a bit bolder and add splashes of colour to your dress, we’re sure you’ll be the talk of the town.

You’ll definitely be the centre of attention however, if you decide to embrace these two more speculative colour trends for 2018. According to a number of wedding planners and professionals, black and navy are making a comeback, allowing brides to include a darker hue and embrace a dynamic, modern, monochromatic twist for their wedding day.

For décor, metallics are still definitely on trend, although rose gold appears to be taking a back seat in 2018. Taking its place is a combination of silver and chrome, or copper, depending on whether you’re looking for warmer or cooler colours to complement your venue and flowers.


The biggest trend in florals for the 2018 wedding season is elegantly decadent hanging displays. These displays can range from petite mason jars of flowers, all the way up to fantastically elaborate constructions of blooms and greenery to create a stunning impression.

Another big change in floral decoration is the introduction of the wedding wreath. No longer just for Christmas, these wreaths are often used by brides who are looking for something a bit more two dimensional for table centres, or a way to simply and beautifully decorate venue spaces.

Floral holders are also getting a revamp in 2018 with brides leaning towards an eclectic mix of modern and vintage containers for their flowers, from urns to buckets, or delicate vases to candelabras.


There are a number of venue trends coming up in the 2018 wedding season. Pippa Middleton, when she married James Matthews back in May 2017, brought a very unusual wedding venue into play in the wedding industry: a glass marquee. The trend seems to have continue through 2018 with a rise in popularity of transparent settings and locations.

At The Brewery, for our summer party in 2017, we were able to transform our 18th Century courtyard into a tropical greenhouse with a glass roof. While that’s not complete transparency, it’ll offer you perfect views of the wonderful outdoors, or protection from the rain should British weather make an appearance.

There is also the desire for more entertainment for guests. Whether that’s interactivity or audio visual spectacles, couples are looking to provide more for their guests. With our fantastic event design services, at The Brewery, we’ll be able to give you a memorable occasion with much to keep your guests excited and involved.


Quirky dessert tables are still consistently appearing in wedding trends, allowing the couple to choose a few more of their favourite desserts and flavours, instead of being limited to only a few. Go wild with doughnuts or add an elegant touch with macarons or petit fours.

More couples nowadays are also opting out of the traditional 3-course meal and instead choosing food that they love. This can range from big sharing plates, to portable pizza ovens, to street food vans. As this rise in popularity continues, a big trend for 2018 will be the introduction of more exotic cuisines to grace the menu, which can be provided by our talented, award-winning chefs at The Brewery.

If you’re getting married during the 2019 wedding season, we hope this blog has given you ideas and insights into what you could use for your wedding to make it a truly memorable affair.

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Hosting in a historic venue

When searching for a venue for your event, it can be tempting to choose something new and modern to reflect the modernity of your business. However, sometimes it can be better to consider a more historic venue when looking for the perfect setting to host your event.

Inspire and impact

Using a historic venue as the location for your event can create a lot of more of an impact with your guests than a new building, and the history and gravitas attached to the building is sure to add the ‘wow factor’. It has been said that the setting of an event can affect the impressions of the attendees, both with the combination of the material they hear on the day, and the event setting by itself. A historic venue encourages inspiration as it provides a non-sterile environment where people can listen and engage with both the speaker’s subjects, and the history of the location.

Create a sense of occasion

There’s nothing that inspires more of a reverence and a sense of profoundness than walking into a historic building, such as a castle, town hall or church. Conjure up the same attention by hosting in a historic venue. Add the right touches to tie in the event space to your business and you can use the formality of the venue to add credence to your business and the subject matters of your event.

Make the most of the venue

Unlike modern venues, where you must add to a space to make it look personalised, the best aspect of historical venues is they already come with architectural features which create a visual statement. Hosting an event at a historical location means that the event doesn’t just have a venue, the venue itself creates an experience for attendees.

Instead of simply arriving at a venue to attend a meeting, attending an event held at a historic venue creates a journey for guests, since the act of getting to the event takes the guest through the beautiful spaces of the building. This kind of event is more likely to get people talking both before and during the day, and then afterwards when they recount their experience to others.

Historic doesn’t have to mean outdated

One important point to remember when considering a historic venue as the location for your event is that, although it may be embedded with history and the past, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t modern and technologically functional. Experience the best of both worlds at The Brewery with all the fantastic features that can enhance and celebrate the historic nature of the venue, including stunning event design services and breath-taking audio visual effects.


If you’re looking to host an event in a stunning historical venue, why not check out The Brewery? With a fantastic selection of rooms dating back to the 18th-Century, and a technological and events system to modernise the space, this could be the perfect place for you to host your event.

6 of The best Christmas canapés


There’s no time that tests your culinary skills quite like the Christmas season. With a myriad of get-togethers, gatherings and parties throughout December, you’ll want to impress your guests with only the tastiest of treats.

At The Brewery, we’re passionate about food and truly believe in creating a gastronomic experience with every mouthful. Led by Food Director Tom Gore and Executive Chef Steve Connell, the team of chefs at The Brewery deliver outstanding dishes on a daily basis through eclectic menus and a huge amount of sheer passion and enthusiasm for what they do.  We pulled some of our award-winning chefs out of the kitchen, and asked their opinions on the best canapes to serve at Christmas to create a real ‘wow’ factor at your next Christmas gathering or party.

1. Tomato tarte tatin

A simple dish, tomato tarte tatin is the perfect savoury light bite, and will delight your vegetarian guests. A delicate tart that won’t spoil the appetite, the crisp pastry works perfectly with the light, sweet filling. We suggest roasting the tomatoes the night before so that the tarts can be prepared in the morning ahead of your party, and then kept in the fridge until your guests arrive.

2. Quail egg with cured salmon

Although a simple dish, these can be made quickly and easily, and are sure to go down well with your party guests. A tasty one-bite snack, the flavours work fantastically alongside a glass of Champagne for the perfect appetizer.

3. Beetroot arancini

There’s something beautifully festive about the fuchsia hue of these beetroot arancini bites- not only do they look fantastic, but they taste great too. Arancini is named after the little oranges that the rice balls resemble after they are fried, and are a great way to use up any leftover risotto!


4. Crispy chicken skin

Without a doubt the best part of a roast chicken, your guests will devour these golden, crispy chicken skin canapes. Utterly addictive and incredibly tasty, add ricotta or rosemary scented mascarpone for the perfect pre-dinner appetizer.

5. Soy tuna and wonton crisps

The key to this delicious treat is using the freshest ingredients possible, so get your hands on the freshest tuna you can find. Serve some crispy wonton chips either with the tuna, or alongside it to encourage your guests to help themselves for a fun and sociable appetizer.

6. Tomato and olive tapenade

The perfect accompaniment to festive drinks with friends, tapenade will add a taste of the Mediterranean to the cold evenings. The saltiness of the ingredients makes a cold gin and tonic the perfect pairing to this Provencal favourite.

The menus at The Brewery are influenced by culinary experiences that our chefs have gained from working all over the world, and there is no limit to what they can create. All the canapes mentioned above have been inspired by our Autumn/ Winter canape menu.

If you need to impress your guests at your next event, get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

5 Things to do in London this Christmas


There’s something truly magical about London at Christmas. From the twinkling lights and window displays to the bustle of the Christmas markets and ice rinks across the city, London comes to life when the cold nights draw in. Whether it’s shopping, seeing a show, or taking a stroll past many of London’s famous landmarks that get you in the Christmas spirit, London is certain to have something to offer to get you in the mood. Here is our rundown of the best things to do in London this Christmas.

1. Visit the V&A

The V&A’s music themed festive programme, ‘Sounds like Christmas’ includes a variety of events and activities to excite and entertain all ages over the Christmas period. Es Devlin’s installation, ‘The Singing Tree’ is brought to life with machine learning, as festive words collected by the public over the Christmas season are then transformed into an audio-visual carol. The V&A is also holding lunchtime lectures on Medieval Carols, drop-in festive design workshop weekends and Choirs by Candlelight, amongst a wealth of other seasonal activities and events throughout the Christmas period.

2. Take to the ice

Ice skating in London has been a welcome festive tradition since the world’s first artificial ice rink was introduced in Chelsea in 1876. Since then, an abundance of ice rinks have appeared over the capital. The ever popular 18th century courtyard of Somerset House creates a breath-taking setting for one of the most popular ice rinks in London, complete with a 40-foot Christmas tree. Once your ice skates are off, browse the Fortnum’s Christmas Arcade to tick any last Christmas gifts off the list. The Natural History Museum houses an impressive 1,000 square metre ice rink, lit by 80,000 twinkling lights outside the beautiful building. Skate around one of the most historical landmarks in London, the Tower of London, which creates the perfect backdrop to its ice rink, surrounded by pop-up stalls and a host of festive events.

3. Enjoy Wintertime at Southbank

Nothing embodies Christmas in London quite like Wintertime at Southbank. Throughout the festive season, you can find one of the most popular Christmas markets in the city, interactive exhibitions, a Finnish rooftop sauna and even the opportunity to eat fondue in a snow globe. Southbank Centre’s Thame-side Winter Festival offers everything you need to fully immerse yourself in Christmas spirit, whether you want to catch up with friends, stock up on festive food or see one of the many shows on offer.

4. Watch a film in a Snow Kingdom

This year, the Backyard Cinema is pulling out all the stops as it creates the Snow Kingdom. The Mercato Metropolitano is transformed into an enchanted castle, nestled in the snowy mountains of a faraway land. Enter the cinema through a secret entrance at the foot of the mountain, and take a magical journey through a frozen lake and ice cave to the grand ballroom, where you can nestle under a blanket and sip on drinks from a potion-themed cocktails menu while watching a film. Bliss!

5. Sing Carols at St Paul’s

Visible from The Brewery, and undoubtedly the spiritual home of London, few places offer a more magical setting for a traditional Christmas service that St Paul’s. Through December, St Pauls is playing host to a series of concerts, peaking with the spectacular Christmas Carol Service on the 23rd and 24th December. A truly awe-inspiring building, St Pauls boasts unrivalled views across London, and is sure to ignite your Christmas spirit as you take in the sights and sounds of Christmas in a beautiful setting.