The event trends you need to know

2019 event trends

The event planning industry is consistently evolving. With the industry’s ever-changing face, this constant development brings with it a challenge for event planners to stay ahead of the game. Event planners are faced with a challenge; to deliver a unique, engaging and valuable experience whilst seeking an innovative way to connect to attendees within a digitally saturated world of business.

If you are an event planner looking ahead to next year’s diary, our must-know 2019 event trend tips will help. Delve into the future and deliver an immersive live event experience for your clients with these must-know 2019 event trends. Here are our tips.

Unconventional venues

Seeking out creative and unconventional venues which extend beyond the norm is a trend we predict will continue to grow throughout 2019.

A jaw-dropping venue will not only stir interest, create an all-important positive first impression but will immediately drive attendees to become more engaged in the entire experience.

From pop-up open spaces to transforming unexpected nooks and crannies, embracing an unexpected venue creates an immediate buzz around your event. It also serves as a valuable talking point and an opportunity to create a memorable experience for attendees, who are more likely to want to revisit your future events.

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Technology: raising the bar

Whilst the use of technology at events is nothing new, the mechanic of how audiences absorb and interact with it is as evolving as the event planning industry itself.

Guests have an awareness and expectation of how technology should meet their needs, and it is hugely important to use tech to exceed expectations at your event. From reducing time in queues through facial recognition software to the increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), innovative technology use at events is set to grow throughout 2019.

The use of chatbots is on the rise and set to increase, assisting event planners to follow up on leads and monitor responses from attendees. We predict chatbots playing an even bigger role at events throughout next year, constantly interacting with attendees and answering queries throughout the day.

A fresh pair of eyes

Nothing compares to a fresh perspective on a given topic at an event. The benefits of having a guest speaker from a different industry or organisation discussing a given topic that’s related yet different to your industry and the subjects your guests would have heard about before can spark interest and generate conversation at an event.

A fresh perspective can be a hugely beneficial source of conversation, debate, creative thinking and can lead to generating memorable ideas. The involvement of keynote speakers from varying industries is a trend we predict will be on the rise next year.

Mirroring society

Sustainability, together with its global trend, is set to shape future events in a number of different ways. It is important as an event planner to mirror society’s commitment for recycling and reusing, and to thoughtfully embed this into your events.

From use of recycled materials at your event to offering fair-trade food options, there are numerous ways that society’s approach to sustainability can be entwined into your event, with this important approach set to rise in 2019. You could even make a big statement and go completely plastic free at your event to truly raise awareness of society issues.

If you are looking at next year’s diary to plan your event, contact The Brewery today and discover how we can accommodate your event and the services on offer to your company, from event design and a classically stylish venue, to sumptuous food and drink and audio visual features.