5 essential apps for event planners

Event organiser app

If you’re an event planner, or have ever organised an event for that matter, you’ll know how much time and effort goes into making everything come together.
Whether you plan events on a daily basis, or are just involved in managing a one-off gathering, you’ll be pleased to hear that there a plenty of apps out there that can make the event-planning process that little bit easier. Here are 5 apps you need if you’re planning an event…

1. HelloCrowd

We’ve talked time and time again about the importance of social media in the run up to your event, so why not create your own event-specific social network? HelloCrowd allows you to create your very own private social network where you can easily communicate with your attendees. You can share photos, videos and links, and just like many other social network platforms, users can like and comment on posts.
Better still, when the big day comes, you can display the feed on big screens to get more people talking. Ideal for encouraging interaction and engagement during your event, you can use the app to create live polls, as well as providing your guests with handy features such as schedules, maps and attendee profiles.

2. Trello

Described as ‘the business version of Pinterest’, Trello is the perfect space to organise your event project collaboratively with the rest of your team. You can share project notes, to-do lists and documents all in one place so you can collaborate in real time with any many team members as you wish. You can even make a ‘team board’ which quite literally gets all of your team on the same page!

3. Boomset

Thanks to apps such as Boomset and the ever-evolving use of tech at events, more painstaking tasks can now be automated, freeing up more time and budget for other areas. Designed for planning larger events, Boomset is an app which can handle guest lists and registration before the event, check-in and badge printing (amongst a whole load of other capabilities) during the event, and reporting and demographics once your event has closed its doors.

a group planning an event

4. Sli.do

We all know the importance of guest feedback. Getting insights and interaction from your attendees is crucial in improving on your event year after year. It’s also essential to do this quickly – leave it too long and your audience will already be thinking about the next event in their busy schedules. Sli.do makes it easy for you to get feedback quickly after your event has finished. Set some questions for your audience and give them a unique code so they can also ask and answer questions of their own.

5. Mention

Social media promotion plays an integral part in event planning, and you need to keep on top of what is being said when promoting your event. Mention is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to both see who’s talking about you on social media and engage with discussions right from your Mention dashboard. The tool also has the ability to find relevant social influencers to reach out to, will provide you with custom reports and analytics, and assign tasks and collaborate with the rest of your team.

Whether you’re holding a conference, a meeting or an exhibition, we know how important it is to be organised at every step of the event planning process. From the moment you enquire about any of our event spaces here at The Brewery, a dedicated co-ordinator will be assigned to you as a point of contact, and will help you with all of your questions, whether they be about the food and drink, or the audio equipment.

If you’re planning an event, whatever the size, get in touch with us today to find out more about our unique and versatile venue.