8 reasons why your company needs a summer party

summer party at The Brewery

Most companies throw a big event at Christmas; in fact, it’s almost criminal if they don’t. Employees have come to expect this annual hula-palooza. A summer party, on the other hand, is far less heard of. Yet it makes more sense to hold a grand soiree in the warm months, when travelling to and from the venue won’t mean scraping ice off the car or worrying about layers.

That’s not the only advantage, of course; from staff motivation to simply breaking up the year, there are dozens of reasons why your company needs a summer party. Here are eight of them:

1. To boost morale

Most employers will know that employee morale is a turbulent beast. One moment, it’s sky high and another, it’s not. Keeping that happy medium is so important. A party, especially when it is unexpected, can go a long way to boost morale. It suggests to staff that they are valued by management and the event can serve as a way to say ‘thank you’ – the effects of which cannot be underestimated.

2. A chance to recognise achievements so far

The Christmas party is often a time to reflect on the high points of the past twelve months, giving praise and kudos to the most deserving workers – perhaps even presenting awards to those who exceeded goals and targets. These sorts of speeches can reinvigorate the workforce, reminding them that they were working towards a common goal and letting them know what there is to look forward to. Twelve months is a long time to wait for your inspiring address, however, so the summer party could be used (in part) to talk about the achievements of the past six months, to keep both motivation and focus buoyant.

3. Christmas is aaaaaaaages away

Having a party in June or July breaks the year up and gives everyone an event to look forward to – especially if it’s announced in January or February, when employees have the post-Christmas blues. We’ve mentioned motivation already, but this sort of treat can boost productivity and…

people having fun at a summer party

4. …be used as a retention tool

These types of staff events have become items listed as perks on job advertisements. They are part of a package to attract new employees. They can similarly act as a retention tool, contributing to making the company a ‘great place to work’.

5. Team bonding

Yes, it sounds like a tired old cliché, but throwing a party allows everyone to socialise and have fun away from the office – and there will always be stories to tell on the following Monday morning. It’s nice to see people in ‘party’ mode for a change, letting their hair down and having a drink or two. You might even break down some inter-departmental barriers and make firm friends.

6. Tax deductible

While naturally, money won’t be on your mind (insert guffaw here), don’t forget that you can offset some of the expenses for an employee event against your tax bill. That might make it a little easier on the petty cash.

7. Great external PR

“What? Your boss threw you a summer party?” Imagine the comments on social media from envious friends, wishing their employer would do the same. Not to mention the PR opportunities for sharing photos of happy, smiling employees on your company profiles. Holding a summer party can help position you as a caring employer and significantly boost your reputation.

girls socialising at a corporate summer party

8. You don’t need a reason

Everybody loves a party, so why do you need an excuse? Just invite the troops and have a great time. You can be sure at least a few people will leave thinking: ‘I love working for this company’.

Go on, surprise your hard-working employees with a summer party! Our Brazilian-themed venue is the perfect place for a party on a balmy, summer evening, but don’t just take our word for it. If you’d like to find out about booking an outdoor event at one of London’s most fantastic party spaces, please get in touch.