A Gin-glish Country Garden Party…

As the sun finally makes an appearance in London, it feels as though summer is just around the corner. Here at The Brewery, there’s nothing we love more than celebrating the warmer months with annual summer parties in our courtyard, and this summer we’re pulling out all the stops and organising an English garden party like no other.

This summer’s party will see the courtyard transformed into a traditional, lush English garden in the heart of the city. Complete with planters, wisteria covered ceilings and an abundance of blooms, the marquees will make for an idyllic summer oasis for city dwellers in the height of summer.

To get you in the spirit of an English garden party, we’ve taken a look at the perfect summer drink renowned for its botanicals – gin. One of the most diverse liquors around, due to the fact that gin distillers are free to choose whichever botanicals they wish in the production process, they tend to distinguish their gin by varying the levels of botanicals they use. Although the plants and herbs that are added to gin are often dependent on where the gin has originated from, there are a few botanicals that nearly every gin producer adds:

Juniper berries

Described as being to gin what hops are to IPAs, gin is simply not gin without the addition of juniper –      the word gin itself is even derived from the it (from the French genièvre or the Dutch jenever). Dominantly pine-flavoured, and with varieties from all over the world, juniper berries tend to be fragrant and spicy, with a bittersweet taste.

Coriander seeds

Second in the list of the most important flavourings in gin is coriander seeds. With a complex taste, they provide a citrus top note to gin which is sometimes replaced with citrus peel as a less expensive option.

Angelica root

A key ingredient in the gin production process, angelica root holds the flavours of other botanicals together. With a nutty, sweet flavour, some say it tastes earthy and medicinal. Angelica seeds are also sometimes used in gin and add a slightly floral note instead.

Citrus peel

Both lemon peel and orange peels are used to flavour gin instead of the flesh, as the skin contains the majority of the fragrant and flavoursome oils. Both lemon and orange peel add a fresh citrusy flavour, depending on the type of lemon and orange, where they were grown, and whether they were dried or not!

Orris root

Mainly sourced from Italy, and with a taste that is likened to parma violets, distillers use orris root to ‘fix’ other botanical flavours and add perfumed notes to their gin. The root looks similar to ginger, and adds a woody, earthy flavour.

Aside from these typical botanicals that you can find in a classic London dry gin, there are so many more options to discover such as lemongrass, lavender and Douglas fir to name just a few. There really is a gin to suit everyone!

How to make the perfect gin and tonic

We couldn’t possibly write about gin without sharing our favourite way to serve it. Here are a few steps to the perfect G&T:

• Don’t just stick to lemons and limes when serving your G&T. Highlight the botanicals in your choice of gin by switching up the garnish. Grapefruit, citrus peel and cucumber work will with floral gins, whilst rhubarb and olive are great with dry gin.
• Drink your gin from a big, bowl shaped glass. This will help open up the flavours, as well as give you lots of room to fill the glass with large ice cubes which will melt slowly as to not dilute the taste.
• Whilst choosing the perfect gin is important, your choice of tonic is equally so. Using a below par tonic will only overwhelm the gin, so choose wisely!

If visions of cold gin and tonics paired with fresh botanicals have got you dreaming of an English garden party in the height of summer, why not enquire about our summer parties at The Brewery? As you enter into the luxuriously furnished marquee which has been transformed into a traditional English garden, you will be greeted with a cocktail on arrival before enjoying a delicious BBQ menu and unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks until 9pm. When the sun sets, head inside The Brewery where you can carry on the party into the night.

Ideal for companies of any size, all-inclusive packages are available for parties from 80-100. If you’d like to find out more about our 2018 summer parties, get in touch with us today!