Build a stronger team this year- Host a corporate team building day


Team building days can be the perfect way to discover new ways of working outside of the office. The Brewery can be an ideal venue for a day like this, thanks to the number of state-of-the-art services and features we can offer to help make your team building event unique and interesting for everyone involved.

Audio-visual facilities


Wall with projected lights

If you really want to wow your guests and have them leave your team building event with a lasting sense of inspiration, audio-visual effects may be the way to go. These effects can be anything from visual presentations, video walls and slideshows to light effects, branding and audio equipment for speeches and talks.

At The Brewery, we offer all these services and more with the flair that makes us an AVC Live audio-visual partner. Each of our rooms comes with complementary DB audio PA system and Wi-Fi, and we also offer the hire of equipment to help you achieve your desired visual effects, such as LED screens in a number of shapes and sizes and microphones, to name a few.

A team building day needs to bring people together and get them talking. Visual effects can turn a good day into a great one by engaging an audience beyond words, through the mediums of video and sound.


A subtle way to make a difference to your team building event is through the use of music. No matter what activities or workshops make up your corporate team building day, from icebreakers and quizzes to themed nights, music can make all the difference. It can set the tone of an event, up-beat, motivational, calming or any number of other moods.

What’s more, music can fill any awkward pauses that can occur in between or even during the day’s activities, helping to relax your team and tie the day together.



The Brewery Room Decoration

If you really want to go all out for a team building day, why not theme an event and get everyone involved with an activity like a murder mystery or a fun-filled circus? A team building day needn’t be filled with sitting around a table, if you prefer, it can be more like a social meeting where different departments and teams can mingle and get to know each other outside of an office.

With our fantastic team of event design specialists, we’re able to make whatever event you envision a reality. Our award-winning venue has already provided the venue for a number of fantastic themed events, such as a Polynesian paradise summer party, a Journey to the Moon, and many more. We’d love to add your team building event to the list. Check out all our themed event photographs on our Flickr profile.



Audience during a meeting at the brewery


A team building event is only as good as the team that attends it, so the last thing you want is incomplete attendance. One way to ensure a full house is by choosing a well-known location for your team building day with excellent transport links, both by bus and train, in a central part of the country so that it’s easy to reach, no matter where you’re coming from. It’s also important that the venue isn’t dull, since your team will be spending their day there and won’t want to stare at the same white wall all day.

London is the capital city of the UK for a reason, as it is the place where people come together from all over the country. By holding your team building event at The Brewery, you will be able to offer great access links and a venue that’s steeped in history and culture, with a number of interesting design features to add to the character of your event.

Food and drink

If you’re organising an event that’ll last more than a couple of hours, your attendees will definitely get hungry at some point. Food at The Brewery is designed with your guests in mind. Since it is often one of the most important parts of an event, it’s crucial to make sure that the food stands out.

At a team building event, food also gives attendees something to talk about and make conversation. Our award-winning chefs will create a menu that is tailored to your event and requirements.

If you’re looking to hold your team building event at The Brewery, take a look at our website to find out exactly how we can help you create the perfect event for your attendees and build a stronger team this year.