What is the future of events and conferences after Covid-19?

As the country slowly begins to emerge from what has been a challenging year, we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the Covid tunnel. But what does this mean for the events industry?

As we emerge into this new era of working and socialising, we break down the key trends you can expect to see in 2021 and 2022:

Hybrid is Here to Stay

Coronavirus saw events and conferences move online, and while this came as a welcome relief to some during periods of lockdown and social distancing, for others there is no replacing the ability to meet in person and network over a cup of coffee or feel that familiar buzz from an events hall.

In 2021, and moving into 2022, we’re likely to see virtual elements included at events, with attendees being able to choose how they prefer to attend based on their own personal circumstances. We now offer hybrid event hosting at The Brewery.

Micro Conferences

Hybrid provides the best of both worlds, and we can expect to see that used for smaller scale in-person events, all linked together virtually. Smaller events have a more personal feel and allow the opportunity for meaningful networking connections to be made.

Expect to see smaller, local gatherings with talks, panels or presentations broadcast virtually.

Safety First

There’s no way of knowing when things will truly go ‘back to normal’, and until they do, safety will be very much a priority for event organisers and attendees alike. As social distancing measures are relaxed, we are still likely to see more conscientious seating plans and room layouts to optimise space.

Hand sanitising stations, readily available masks and safety signage are also very much here to stay.

Thinking Outside the Box

Coronavirus has ushered in a new era of communication, and events and conferences will be no different. Organisations will need to come up with creative solutions to make sure they are engaging their audiences and connecting on a personal level.

Providing different ways to consume information, to meet and to network will be a top priority. Covid has shown us, that it can be done, and events will be expected to adapt creatively to their audience’s needs.

Technology & Sustainability

In 2021, many businesses are moving towards more sustainable practises. Conferences and events can have a high carbon footprint, so expect to see eco-friendly technology, a paper usage and waste reduction, and a focus on sustainable materials.

Hybrid events will also mean a reduction in the need for travel, cutting the number of flights, car and rail journeys.

London Calling Conference

Why Choose The Brewery to Host Your Conference or Event?

Here at The Brewery, we have several different venue spaces, in varying sizes that can be tailored to accommodate your individual conferencing or event needs.

Find out more information about our venue here, or contact us to talk about your conference or event. Our friendly and helpful team are always on hand to help.