Exciting New Lighting Technology Comes To The Brewery

We are pleased to announce the installation of amBX intelligent lighting at The Brewery in the Smeaton Vaults and King George III spaces.

This system allows the simple creation of a fully immersive lighting experience for any event taking place in these spaces. Without any pre production the system reads the content of your video or powerpoint’s and changes the colours around the room to match what is happening on screen, so as your promotional video turns from blue to red as will the lights in the room. There is no need for a lighting desk or expensive production teams as the system does it all for you automatically.

If you do want to take control of the system this can be done via a standard lighting desk or more impressively it can be run by simply downloading a free I Phone app.

We would love to show you the system in action so please give us a call to arrange a site visit and demonstration.