Get organised – Plan your Summer party


With Christmas decorations only just coming down, and daily routines starting to get back to normal after the manic festive period, it’s no wonder that the thought of planning a summer party in January seems a little premature. Although there’s still a frosty chill in the air, it’s not too early to start planning your summer party to make sure you’re organised for the new year, and that you and your company have a great party to look forward to when the warmer weather rolls around.

Summer parties are great for team morale- not only do they offer a welcome addition or alternative to the usual Christmas parties, they also encourage staff to get outside and make the most of the (hopefully) warmer weather!

Here’s what we suggest you consider when organising your summer party.

Choose a date that works for most of your colleagues


People around a table during summer party at the Brewery


It goes without saying that unfortunately, it’s unlikely that every member of your team will be able to attend your party, regardless of the date you set. However, it’s best to take some time to work on a date that works for most- ideally before the schools break up, or the peak of summer when many members of the team will be planning their summer holidays.  Take a look at your corporate calendar for any events or meetings that could tie in nicely- more employees will be able to attend if they’ve already made space in their busy diary for a work meeting or event.

Once you’ve set your date, send your invitations no later than the spring months- this will give you plenty of time to assess the number of attendees and organise the catering and activities for the right amount of people.

Get the venue right


Summer party decoration at the Brewery


A great summer party is all in the venue. Unlike a Christmas party, careful consideration has to be paid to the venue to make sure there are options for all weather conditions. It’s nice to take advantage of the weather with some outside space, but it’s equally as important to choose a venue that can offer an alternative if the weather takes a turn!

Location is also key. Ask yourself some questions before booking- is the venue easily accessible, with good connections to public transport? It’s unlikely that people will plan to drive to the party, so easy access to train stations is a must.

An opportunity to reward your staff, the summer party should be memorable and enjoyable. A themed party can bring out the best in your colleagues, so consider a venue which can either adapt to your theme with decorations and catering, or even better, throw their own themed parties, which will undoubtedly create an immersive and memorable experience.

Give your team the whole package


Waiters at the brewery during a Summer Party


Not only will providing an all-inclusive ‘party package’ for your guests mean they can relax in the knowledge that they are in for an evening of great food and drink, but it will make things a lot simpler for the party organiser, too!

Get your party guests in the holiday mood with typically ‘summery’ food- BBQs are always popular- and make sure that your caterer is able to provide vegetarian and vegan options if necessary. Your staff should feel that their party has been planned with them in mind, so tailor it to their needs to make sure they feel valued.

This summer, the courtyard of The Brewery will be transported into a traditional garden, right in the heart of London. Perfect for bright summer days and gloomier days alike, the raised clear roof lets the sunshine in, as well as keeping the rain out! With a delicious BBQ and unlimited drinks included until 9pm, The Brewery is the perfect summer party venue for gatherings of all sizes. If you’d like to get ahead of the game and secure your space for our summer party, get in touch with us today.