What giveaways should you be offering at your event?


There’s no denying that every guest attending a corporate event appreciates a little something to take away, and giveaways are a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on your attendees. But how can you guarantee that the gift will make it so far as the guest’s home or office, rather than ending up in the bin? Here’s our guide on how to hit the mark when giving away gifts sure to get your event and company remembered for all the right reasons.

Make it useful!

What better way to remind your guest of your amazing event than giving them something they can use every day? Everyday items such as umbrellas, tote bags and phone chargers aren’t just great and useful gifts to receive, but they also ensure great brand exposure. Whilst the traditional branded pen is undoubtedly a cost-effective option, consider higher quality items to give to your attendees. Guests that attend multiple events are likely to have a stash of branded pens on their desk from various functions, so why not think about how else your guest can use your gift in their everyday lives- and we don’t just mean in the office! Personal items such as sunglasses, mirrors and even kitchen utensils are essentials which can make great event giveaways.

Keep branding minimal

Today, people are more brand conscious than ever. Although it may be tempting to plaster your company’s logo across your gifts, this only increases the likelihood of it being neglected. Instead, opt for subtlety. Keep your giveaway tasteful with a small, discreet logo, and focus instead on the functionality of the gift to ensure that the appeal of your lovely giveaway isn’t compromised.

Keep it relevant

The main aim of your giveaway is for guests to think of your event when they use it, right? Just like a souvenir band tee from a concert, you want your attendees to think fondly of your event when they reach for it. Tailor your gifts to your business, the event, and most importantly, your guests! Whether it be a digital download at a tech conference, or a shopping bag at a fashion event, keeping the giveaway associated with the industry will guarantee your guests reach for it on a regular basis.

Be green

Eco-friendly gifts have certainly gained popularity in recent years. Using environmentally-friendly products as gifts at your event is not only a responsible and ethical option, but it also communicates to your guests that you are environmentally conscious, and a sustainable business. The range of eco- friendly gifts is extensive – from clothes, office supplies and bags, to seeds and trees. Although perceived as being a pricier option, eco-friendly gifts are often a similar price, and are a great reminder that your company is doing something good, even long after your event has come to an end.

Get digital

It’s a digital world, so why hand out a branded pen? Surprisingly, very few businesses utilise digital gifts and choose to go with more traditional giveaways at their events. If you’re a forward-thinking company and want to break the mould, there are a few digital offerings that you can give away to your guests. E-books are a great marketing tool that are sure to impress your attendees – why not include a link to any presentations that were shown at your event? As well as the more popular USB sticks, consider free digital downloads and codes for free trials and online services.

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