How to choose your wedding menu

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When planning for your wedding, there are a lot of things to think about – from the dress and flowers to the venue and date – but arguably one of the most important aspects is the wedding menu. The last thing you want on your big day is for your guests to have a bad time because they’re hungry!

Your wedding menu can be a way to express your personality and the experiences that you and your partner have had on the road to your nuptials, so take care when choosing it so that it is perfect for your day.

Read on to find out what to consider when choosing your wedding menu.

Think about your budget

You’ve most likely set aside an amount of your total wedding budget, so keep it in mind when it comes around to choosing your wedding menu.

It’s no fun diving into menu planning, choosing everything you want, and then realising you haven’t the budget to cover it. You don’t want to waste your caterer’s time, or your time, and you can still have wonderful food with a smaller budget.

Consider the number of guests

The style of your wedding menu can very much revolve around the number of guests you’re inviting to your wedding. If you’re inviting a large number of guests, this means more people you’ll need to feed.

With a larger group of guests, it can be more prudent to go for a seated meal instead of a buffet since your caterers will only prepare one meal for each guest, instead of having to bring and produce a much larger amount of food so that every person gets enough.

Work with your venue

Working with your venue can mean two different things when it comes to planning your wedding meal. In the first instance, you can take inspiration from your venue’s surroundings to influence menu items for your big day, if you so choose. This could include incorporating seafood or fish if your venue is near the sea or drawing on the flavours of seasonal vegetables if your venue is more rustic.

Don’t forget, your venue may be able to help you with the production of your wedding menu – many venues also have their own caterers that can be used for events and will be able to work with you to create something bespoke for your special day. For example, at The Brewery, our Executive Chef Tom Gore will work with you to help create the perfect menu, coupled with a tasting session.

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Incredible wedding food at The Brewery

Be aware of dietary requirements

While your wedding menu is intended to be a reflection of your personal choices for your first meal as a married couple, it’s also key to consider any dietary requirements of your guests. Getting this information to your caterers as soon as possible will make it easier for them to adapt dishes and take care with certain ingredients.

You can find out about the dietary requirements of your guests by including a space on your RSVP cards for them to indicate any restrictions they may have.

Match your meals to your relationship

As we have said, your wedding menu is a reflection of you as a couple. That can come about however you choose, say by including your favourite dishes, or dishes inspired by your favourite foods or by creating a menu filled with dishes that focus on important points in your relationship.

Maybe you’ll serve a certain dish because it was the first one you cooked together, or maybe you could choose a dish that reminds you of a certain place you visited or an event that you attended. You can even draw on inspiration from your engagement – possibly theming food or drinks that relate to where the proposal happened or what you did that day.

Make sure you have a wedding tasting

While it may feel like the most important part of choosing your wedding menu is to have made your choices about the dishes you’re serving, there’s an even more important part of the process. Never finalise your wedding menu until you’ve tasted every dish that’s going to be served on the day.

The reason for this is simple – some dishes may sound different to how they’ll taste, and there’s no guarantee that a caterer will be able to replicate a specific dish that you’re envisaging. So, make sure you try all your dishes so that you can make changes and request different things, if needed.


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