How to make your event health-conscious

More people are focusing on their health and wellness than ever before. People want to move more and eat smarter, and to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into every aspect of their day.

These days, attendees at events expect organisers to provide them with improved options so that they can maintain their healthy lifestyle and habits. Therefore, events organisers need to adapt in order to offer health-conscious elements capable of keeping their guests on the straight and narrow.  Here are some of our favourite ways you can do that:

Choose the right venue

While this idea may initially suggest that you need to choose a venue with a gym or a multitude of health-based classes, it’s not essential. If your event is primarily focused on health and wellbeing, it may be better to choose a venue with these facilities so that they can accommodate all the activities or classes you wish to offer to your attendees.

However, if you’re just looking to include a couple of health-conscious activities or offer nutritious and healthy meals at your event, simply look for a venue that includes the amount of space you need or the right catering.

Create an active agenda

For modern and health-conscious lifestyles, staying still for an entire day can be difficult. If you’re holding an event for an active group of people, including some activity is a great way to maintain focus while also making the event fun.

If your event stretches over a couple of days, why not take some time out to explore your surroundings. If your event is situated in London, why not hire a bunch of “Boris Bikes” and take your attendees out to explore the city? Sightseeing is a fantastic way to both add some activity to your day and break up the event into manageable chunks.

If you want to add more activity to your event without heading outside, why not make things competitive? Set up a few exercise bikes and challenge your attendees to participate in teams, with a goal set up – whether that’s the fastest time they can set, the ability to power something, or even to make smoothies. Or why not go even further and set up an aerobics or dance class to get everyone moving.

Include healthy menu choices

Whether you’re planning on having your event fully catered or are simply going to provide food freebies for your attendees, keeping any food options healthy and nutritious is essential for a health-conscious event.

If you opt for a catered event, the first thing to realise is that health-conscious food doesn’t have to be limited to salads. Using locally sourced and nutritious ingredients can allow you to plan a menu that is far from dull. Beyond that, you can identify the nutritional benefits and details about the dishes being served so that your attendees can make informed choices.

If you aren’t planning on catering an event, offering snacks and drinks for your attendees can still be health-conscious and nutritious. Maybe include a fruit stand to help stave off any sugar cravings or give away protein balls or bars to keep people going through the day. However, if you’re buying products to give away instead of making them, always check the ingredients of the snacks. Avoid ones that include any additives and make sure to take into account any eating plans, allergies or intolerances.

You could even get in contact with health-focused food brands to offer a collaboration or sponsorship opportunity. Your event will be able to offer them brand exposure, and their contribution can help support your health-conscious agenda.



If you’re looking for an event venue that can cater to your health-conscious event, look no further.  At The Brewery, we offer six different function rooms with capacities ranging from 75 to 1000 guests, and we are proud to provide the services of our award-winning chefs to help make your health-conscious culinary ideas into a reality. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.