How to throw the perfect office summer party

“We’re all going on a summer holiday…” – not always true in the business world. If everyone in your office took time off around the same time over the summer, it would be chaos! Still, it’s nice to reward your team and show them that they’re valued, especially those members of staff who aren’t jet-setting away bragging about “no more working for a week or two.”

Summer cocktail

There aren’t many better ways to do this than by throwing a fantastic office summer party. Unlike the mandatory parties like Christmas, a summer party has a more spontaneous and generous feel to it, and the weather is usually nice to boot. It makes your whole team feel good, improves team relations, and boosts morale.

There are few key elements that create a perfect office summer party – let’s go through them.

Time off work!

If you really want your office team to enjoy themselves and blow off some steam, either give everyone the day of the party off as holiday, or at the very least have a half-day on Friday with the party in the afternoon.

It will just about make up for all of those hot, sunny afternoons that the team have spent toiling away in a hot office when they wished they were outside.

Choose a venue

Easily the most important element of party planning is to find the right venue. You need somewhere that is big enough to cater for everyone at your company; somewhere central enough that people have easy access to transport home; somewhere impressive enough that it really feels special.

As it is summer, you’ll obviously want the majority of the party to take place outside in the sunshine, so a garden is essential. Is it a venue that can be easily transformed? For example, The Brewery’s beautiful courtyard party venue can be transformed to suit a specific theme (see next point), whilst presenting guests with an idyllic, bacchanalian paradise in which they can feel completely relaxed and able to cut loose.

Being comfortable is everything – especially when the weather is hot. You’ll need shaded areas, sunny areas, comfortable seating, and shelter (should rain decide to show up). The grassed areas of The Brewery’s courtyard are fully furnished with comfy chairs and tables surrounded by picturesque seasonal plants. Then there’s the clear, raised roof that allows guests to remain outside, even if the heavens have opened.

Pick a theme

Party planning 101 – picking a theme can often ‘make’ the party. Whether it’s a beach theme, a luau theme, an American-style BBQ theme, it gives your guests some guidance in terms of what they should wear and what they can expect. It will also make decorating the party venue a lot easier, not to mention the food and drink you’ll be serving – although if you’ve found a quality venue, all of this should be taken care of.

Summer Parties - Decorated bird case

It will also impact the type of entertainment you get for the party. You wouldn’t get a techno DJ for a luau, for example, nor would an 80s covers band necessarily fit with a BBQ theme.

Food and drink

It’s not a party without some tipple and grub, and you can’t have one without the other – especially at a summer party which can go on all afternoon and well into the evening! At The Brewery, we provide unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks until 9:00pm, as well as summer cocktails and Pimms for every guest upon arrival.

Summer Party food

As you can’t have your workforce drinking on an empty stomach, The Brewery also provides a gourmet picnic menu, although the menus can be tailored for your event. If you want to serve food and drink that ties in with your theme, just let us know.

Indoor after party

A crucial feature of a great summer party is that the festivities don’t have to end when the sun goes down. If it gets too chilly for your colleagues to remain outside, your venue should also provide indoor space that you can relocate to.

Outdoor London Venue at The Brewery

This stage of the party can veer away from your original theme (guests are often a bit sozzled by this point anyway!) so the décor can be a lot more casual. The important thing is simply that if there are people who don’t want the party to end just yet, it shouldn’t. After all, the next day is a Saturday!

We hope your office summer party goes off without a hitch. If you’d like to speak to The Brewery about hiring our secret garden in Central London for your office do, get in touch now.