How to keep your attendees entertained


If you’re holding a corporate event, you want to make sure that your attendees are having a good time. Step away from the stereotype of corporate events being boring or unengaging and bring some fun into the day with these exciting, out-of-the-box ideas to keep your guests wide-awake and entertained!

Make them curious

Don’t give away all your secrets at the beginning of the event. Start the event by hinting at things that will be discussed or activities that will happen later in the day but don’t give too much away.  You could even make the mystery a feature in itself, with attendees trying to guess who your speakers may be, what activities they may be doing, what subjects may be talked about, either on social media or in person.

If you want to get people even more motivated to involve themselves in the speculation, try offering prizes for correctly working out the agenda of the day.

Social media interaction

Social media is a key part of any event nowadays and there’s no reason why this can’t be used to your advantage in keeping attendees entertained. If you’re wondering how to make your event more social media friendly, check out our blog on making an event Instagram-worthy.

For overarching social media inclusion for your event, the most important things to remember are hashtags for the event, engagement from the company accounts and photo opportunities. Something like a photobooth is an entertaining and engaging way for attendees to document their attendance and have some fun with their friends and colleagues.

Music and visuals

Music is often considered a stimulus, raising the heart rate and keeping people alert. We recommend using music at your events, as either a soundtrack or a feature of the day, but don’t just let the music fade into the background. If there is any sort of performance element to your event, why not pair it with some fantastic visuals to really capture people’s attention, engage and entertain them.

At The Brewery, our intelligent LED lighting systems in our venue rooms mean that the displays can be paired with any music you want and can create fantastic visuals to astound your guests. Find out more about our audio-visual systems here.


Get them involved

There’s nothing that helps audience engagement and enjoyment more than getting people involved in fun activities or team building exercises. Including hands-on activities during the course of the day will break up any long periods of sitting still and listening to speakers, and give your attendees time to move around, socialise and enjoy themselves.

Some examples of activities you could create – icebreakers where attendees have to guess previous jobs that colleagues have done, investigations around the venue, and whatever else you can come up with! While there are factors to consider, such as the number of people involved, there’s no limit to what activities could be presented.


Popular culture inclusion

It’s always good to make sure a speech or presentation stays up to date with the latest industry news and advancements from your business sector, and the same can be said for popular culture references. While a bad or outdated reference can sometimes provide amusement, make sure to engage your audience with current references, whether it’s a chart-topping song, a celebrity that has recently been in the news, an awards event or a new film or tv show.

These little references will do more than just emphasise that you’re aware of the world around you. They’ll provide opportunities for people to talk and remember information because of the associations you provide.

If you’re looking to hold a corporate event, why not take a look at what The Brewery has to offer. With our range of facilities, technology and rooms, we can help make your event entertaining and engaging for all your attendees.