The recipe for the perfect Christmas party

This recipe yields one fully-formed Christmas party, full of festive fun and vigour for all your friends or colleagues.


Any good Christmas party recipe needs to start off with the amount of budget you want to add to your finished dish. You can add as much or as little as you wish, or are able to, since you can make a perfect Christmas party with or without a big budget.

Using more budget in your recipe will help you balance the flavours of more extravagant additions, such as including prosecco or champagne, or the kind of entertainment you can include. We would suggest, however, including a little more budget than you think you will need, just to cover any unexpected costs.

The biggest ingredient for your Christmas party will be your venue. This is the dominating flavour of your party and will be the framework around which you will build all the details of your event. These details can include food and drink, and entertainment, but how much of each you include is up to you.

Once you’ve decided on all of those key details, you can start cooking!


This recipe is one best started a while in advance before being served. Christmas is a very busy time of year so it’s good to get your Christmas party plans started early and that date chosen before everyone starts booking their own holiday. Choosing a date earlier in the week is a better choice for a company where budget constraints may be an issue, but a Thursday or Friday could be a more effective way of avoiding a lack of productivity the next day!

Once you have chosen your date, you can start your Christmas party assembly. Firstly, stir in your save the date reminders to make sure you know how many people you can expect.

Once you’ve done that, you can start thinking about what kind of venue you’d like to add to your mixture. Your venue will need to be in a good location for your attendees and will need to be able to host the right number of people. The Brewery in London offers a fantastic range of venue spaces, fully adaptable to any recipe, and is situated right in the heart of London with fantastic transport links.

Stir in a veritable mix of food and drinks. Be aware of what dietary requirements your guests may have and stay aware of any non-drinkers coming to your event. You can choose something as simple as canapes or go all out with a complete three course seated dinner – it’s completely up to you!

Once you’ve cooked your Christmas party, you can start thinking about decorating. This can include anything from entertainment to event design; you can theme your event, such as The Brewery’s Golden Palms Casino and Lounge, or simply go all out festive for the Christmas season, and you can add music or performers to your event space to make a real statement.

Think about the size of your Christmas party – if you’re looking for something more intimate, then it might not be a good idea to include a DJ or full band, especially if there’s nowhere to dance. However, if you have a large venue and want people to be active and lively during your event, go all out with a band or DJ set.

Finish off your Christmas party with a sprinkling of hangovers for the day after, a few awkward moments and some questionable dance moves.


If you’re looking for a ready-made Christmas party to use for next year, why not consider The Brewery? We’re already taking bookings for our 2019 Christmas season so contact us today to find out how we can help you make the perfect Christmas party.