Supplier Spotlight: Satureyes – My Favourite Photos.

During lockdown we’ve taken the opportunity to speak to some of our favourite suppliers and quiz them about working at The Brewery. Rick Bronks of Satureyes is one of the best known and most widely respected photographers in the events industry. His work has been featured in many publications, and there is more than a fair chance you’ve attended an event that Rick was shooting.

Satureyes working at The Brewery

We have been lucky to work with Rick since 2009 and have collaborated on many photo and video projects with him. In the knowledge that Rick has thousands of photos taken at The Brewery, we wanted to give him the challenge of choosing his favourite 3, with the reason why they stand out for him.

Here is what he had to say:

For me a photo is not just about how it ‘looks’ that’s always open to interpretation, regardless of what the subject is. As the creator of the image I can usually remember the time and place and exactly how I felt when I pressed the shutter button. I probably have over 100k images in my library and I could probably get the location and event for most of them.

It’s incredibly hard to find 3 images from the collection I have from over the years of shooting at The Brewery. It’s a fantastic venue space, not just where it is but also because of the atmosphere and the ambience that is created there. From the security guy who shouts ’shalom’ and high-fives me every single time I walk in, to the fact that they are attentive not only to their guests but the people who work there too and the effort that goes into creating some incredible ideas.

The images I’ve chosen encapsulate all this- after all, they play as much a part in my work as I do.

So here we go..

It might seem odd that I’ve picked a photo of a plastic cup, but this was the first major event I shot for a magazine – and the first event I shot at The Brewery. It was pretty much at the start of my photography career after I left working in broadcast TV. It has a place in my life-timeline, and also shows the attention to detail that goes into all the events that I’ve shot there. This was a fantastic transformation of the interior, creating a festival indoors.


glastonbrewery cup
Glaston-Brewery – 2009


The second photo is of course the iconic welcome and ‘man with the hat’ who greets guests at the entrance. I like the photo as a portrait, the colours work in the surrounding night time darkness. It’s like he’s welcoming you to your next adventure or experience and this for me is what it’s all about – I can try and capture that but it’s the people who make the experience.


Brewery Doorman
Eddy – 2019


This leads me to my third photo and possibly one of my all time favourite images – for so many reasons. It looks like a painting. The clown is a real person, the background is part of the ’set’ at the event. I have added no lighting and there is very little post-production work. It’s both scary and humorous. What the photo can’t show is how he was interacting with the crowd – taking food off their plates and feeding it to the doll he is holding. Taking icing off cupcakes and rubbing it over the doll in an incredibly sinister way.

Halloween Clown
Halloween – 2016

It also happens to have been shot at (so far) my all time favourite event – a Halloween party but done in the way only The Brewery can. It was utterly spectacular.

Like I said at the start, when you have the foundations it makes my life as a photographer and videographer a heck of a lot easier to get some of my most memorable shots.

If you would like to hire Rick to shoot your next event you can find more details here: