Bringing creative visions to life: an interview with our event designers

Events at The Brewery are far more than the final product – there’s a lot of work that goes into making every single aspect of an event as perfect as it can be. Event designers are the people who pull everything together to create that ‘wow’ moment, marrying colour and design with catering and venue to create something spectacular.

We sat down with Tatiana Deodato, part of our fantastic team of event designers, to find out more about how they create The Brewery’s personally tailored and bespoke events.

What are the creative elements that you have to work with at The Brewery and how do they all work together?


We have a full range of in-house services available at The Brewery, from audio visual production and design to sourcing and catering. The event organiser works with just one dedicated project manager who provides a single point of contact for our clients. The project manager then works alongside experts from each area to produce each element of the event and bring it all together.

What’s the process when working with a client to create the initial vision of the event’s design?


We start by meeting with the client to get an understanding of their objectives for the event and their budget. Then we go away, get creative and draw up a full proposal, taking into consideration everything that’s been discussed.

We’re also sure to consider any logistical challenges that could crop up, making sure that what is promised can be delivered on time, will work in the space and fit within the budget.

Which is your favourite of the venue rooms at The Brewery to decorate and why?


The Porter Tun, the high ceilings and large unobstructed space of the room provide a lot of scope to be really creative with the design.

Take a look at some of the designs we’ve created for the Porter Tun in our Gallery.

Where does your design inspiration come from?


Inspiration comes from all around; it’s important to stay up to date through current trends be it through social media, magazines, or even your surroundings.

We make an effort to identify trends, which can come from things as simple as what’s around you, what are people wearing or listening to, even billboards and adverts can give indications towards trends. It’s important to stay open to new things, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that millions of people won’t.

You never know what the next event theme you will be asked to create is, so it is important to stay informed with an open mind.

What kind of challenges do you face in the process and how do you get around them?


Challenges do arise from time, it can take a long time to install the more ambitious productions, so you need to make sure that you plan appropriately for this and make sure that everything’s ready. We always leave some contingency in terms of time.

The other challenges are budgets and the expectations of what can be delivered at certain budget levels. We will always be completely transparent with costs and aim to deliver the highest quality production we can for the budget we are given. It is important however, when planning your budget, to make sure that you take all factors into consideration, such as transport and labour. It’s here where a lot of the costs lie and can really affect what can be delivered.

How do you source the materials, accessories and other items used to dress an event?


We work with a wide range of suppliers from technology and build to entertainment. We rely on these suppliers to be on top of their game and provide us with the best quality materials for event production.

Choosing your suppliers wisely and maintaining close relationships not only allows us to achieve the best prices and access the most exciting technology, but also helps us keep on top of trends.

We’re only as good as the people we work with, so we ensure anyone we partner with has the same commitment to innovation and quality as we do.

What type of events do you work on the most?


We work on a range of events. The variety of services we offer means that we are able to assist a range of clients with their needs.

It could be that we are producing a fully themed party, or simply helping someone source furniture for a conference that matches the brand colours.

We are happy to help and use our expertise where we can.

How closely do you work alongside the event planners?


As closely as they want us to, some people like us to take full control and plan every stage, whereas others will prefer to use us as consultants. We’re ready to help in whatever why we can and would establish the level of support the client is after at the initial welcome meeting.

If you’re looking to host an event and want the very best team behind you while you do, look no further than our fantastic event design team at The Brewery. They’ll be able to help you every step of the way and their vast amount of experience will make sure that your event is absolutely perfect. Contact us today to start planning your event.