The Brewery Menu Hall Of Fame – Which Dishes Made It Onto Our All Star Menu?

Our Food Director, Tom Gore, arrived at The Brewery in 2012 with a vision to bring high end restaurant quality food to the world of events. In the next seven years, we believe this goal has largely been achieved with The Brewery being widely recognised as the go to venue for a delicious dinner. Our three course menus are seasonal and changed twice a year. In the tasting room clients get to choose from five starters, mains and desserts, with the often tricky task of getting down to one of each. So in the time Tom has been overseeing all things food, this adds up to 210 unique dishes having been created.

Tom Gore working in the kitchen

As we currently have a bit of unexpected downtime, we thought it would be fun to dig out the old menus from the archives. We then set Tom the challenge of picking his favourite dish for each course, to create The Brewery’s all star dinner menu. This is what he had to say.

‘I had a great time doing this, my memory isn’t great so I had forgotten about some of the earlier dishes that we had created. It was really interesting mapping the journey that we have made over the years and the changes in style and ingredients. You can also see how trends have come and gone and how people’s tastes have developed. We have definitely been able to be more ambitious with ingredients and flavours in recent times as we have started to become a nation of foodies that is more open to trying new things.’

‘I have been very lucky to work alongside a number of talented head chefs and the dishes that I have chosen, were heavily influenced by them. I have always encouraged everyone to get involved when we are planning our next set of dishes. We have lots of amazing customers who have been with us for years and I’m sure they will remember serving some of these at their events.’

Starter – Cauliflower and Bass

Ways of cauliflower, soft quail egg, apple tapioca, crushed parsnips, polonaise sauce and roasted bass.

cauliflower and bass starter

‘I loved the look of the dish and it ate really well. You don’t often see cauliflower and bass on the same plate but the subtle caramelization of the fish helped to bring them together. We then used the apple tapioca to add some acidity and extra punch to the dish. I’m a huge fan of challenging guests pallets with more complex combinations of flavours than what would normally be expected at a large scale event ‘

Main – Koren Lamb

Korean pepper spiced lamb, BBQ rice cake, blackened cucumber, sesame with sauce, aniseed reduction and spinach.

Korean lamb

‘This was a really difficult one to choose, we had a beautiful summer dish that paired pork with rhubarb, that was pretty crazy and extremely popular but in the end I had to go with this one. The real stand out on this plate was the rice cakes. I used to make these when I worked at Zuma and I absolutely loved them. I had always wanted to get them on the menu and then one day had the eureka moment to pair them with a chunky rack of lamb. This dish actually changed massively how we work in the kitchen. I didn’t feel we could do the dish justice unless we actually used a BBQ to get authentic smokiness. So I went out and bought 2 Green Egg BBQ’s that we still use now to sear all our meat and seal in all the flavour. I’ve always been very proud of what we did with this dish, it was packed full of strong flavours and you won’t find a better dish to go with a bold red wine.’

Dessert – ‘Fab’ulous Lolly

Strawberry and mint sorbet, vanilla parfait, dipped in chocolate, coated in colourful sugar strands.


‘My favourite dessert is from our most recent bank of menus, but sadly due to the lock down I haven’t been able to serve it yet. However it did make it into the tasting room and was chosen by most of the clients that saw it. I really wanted to push the boundaries with this and my pastry team did an amazing job. Quite often we found that guests don’t eat their dessert, as they want to go and talk to the friends on other tables or go for a smoke. So I thought it would be fun to give them a dessert they could take with them. I can’t wait to see the reaction in the room when this comes out and there are 700 people in black tie walking around eating it. I really feel like we have done something different with this dish and pushed the boundaries. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it served as part of a 3 course banquet.’


We hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, if you like the look of any of these dishes we are sure Tom can be persuaded to cook them again for your next event at The Brewery! Fingers crossed we are back up and running soon and serving delicious, mouth watering food to you all once again.