An interview with Tom Gore, Food Director at The Brewery

Since becoming part of The Brewery family back in 2012, our, Tom Gore, has worked to fulfill his vision to deliver high end restaurant quality cuisine to the events world.

This vision has come to life and transformed the dining experience at The Brewery, and now our venue is regarded as one of London’s must-attend destinations for imaginative and truly delicious food and drink.

Here, we talk to Tom about all things food, explore what makes him tick and delve into his culinary wizardry.

When did you decide you wanted to be a chef?

“I first thought about being a chef when I was around 14, when I was doing cooking lessons at school. The teacher asked us to create a dish or cake. Everyone made cakes or cookies, but I decided to prepare pan-fried duck with raspberry sauce and potato gratin. I think that was the defining moment!”

What was your favourite childhood meal?

“It has to be lamb chops with mashed potato and cabbage. It’s still my favorite to this day.”

What is your favourite restaurant in London?

“Roka in Charlotte Street, I love the robata grill. I’ve had some fabulous evenings in there.”

Where do get the inspiration for adapting your seasonal menus?

“All over if I’m honest, but most of the ideas come from talking with my chef colleagues and friends.”

What is your signature dish?

“Not something I make at The Brewery, but it’s my fry up. Anyone who’s experienced it, knows it can’t be beaten!”

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with and why?

“Lamb, it’s just a sensational meat.”

What would you say are the biggest challenges for chefs currently?

“The food industry is always changing. Keeping up with food trends can be challenging if you only treat it as job rather than a passion.”

What is your favourite dish to prepare at an event?

“There have been many dishes, but I have to say scallop ceviche and yuzu wasabi vinaigrette.”

What is your go-to comfort food?

“Fry up, lamb chops, my mum’s Italian meatballs and a drive through McDonald’s.”

Who/what is your biggest inspiration and why?

“I don’t have anyone who I aspire to be, all I want to be is the best I can be myself. I feel I’m not even close to hitting my targets, ask me this question again in 10 years’ time!”

What is your favourite movie or television show to enjoy over a home-cooked meal?

“I love a documentary on Netflix. At the moment, I’m really enjoying The Last Dance, about the Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s.”

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