Treat your team to a Tahitian celebration this summer

This summer, the spirit of the popular Polynesian island of Tahiti will infuse the City of London as we host Aloha – our annual summer party event.

This year’s party nights which run from June to August, will see party-goers enter a wonderfully kitsch Polynesian paradise complete with tropical décor and traditional dancers. During the night a Polynesian BBQ will be served and music will play throughout.

To set the scene, we’ve been looking back at what makes a Tahitian celebration so special:


The Tahitians have a wonderful history of entertainment which began hundreds of years ago when travelling performers called ari’oi sailed on double-hulled canoes from island to island performing dance, pantomime shows and chants.

These performances were traditionally performed in honour of Oro, who is the Tahitian deity for peace, agriculture and fertility.

Shake those hips

During a Tahitian celebration the main dance performed is the ote’a, danced to an instrumental piece of music which beats with the rhythm of drums or a guitar or ukulele.

Tahitian dancing is characterised by the movement of the hips, which are accentuated by the wearing of a grass skirt. Your shoulders should be kept still throughout. Tahitian dancing can be confused for the popular Hula dance from Hawaii but while the ote’a focuses on the movement of the hips, the hula is all about telling a story with your arm and hand movements.

Traditionally the ote’a was a dance performed by male dancers, but now it’s performed by both men and women.

Other dances…

Other famous Tahitian dances which you can have a go at during our summer Aloha party include:

– the aparima – a dance during which you tell a story using hand gestures

– the hivinau – this is the easiest of the Tahitian dances and sees two groups of dancers, traditionally separated into men and women, stand in two concentric circles. The dance sees them turning round in two opposite directions and is designed to illustrate life and sea life scenes.

– The pa’o’a – ideal for the end of the evening when your feet are starting to hurt as it’s danced sat on the floor. To perform it you simply slap your thighs with energy.

Want to join in?

We guarantee that a Tahitian party is a one you don’t want to miss. You can bring parties of 80 to 800 guests for a night to remember at our fantastic venue.

You and your guests will receive a cocktail upon arrival, and can enjoy unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks for three hours until 9pm.

Prices per person starts at £85 (+VAT), or you can pay an extra £25 (+VAT) per guest to extend the free drinks package until half past midnight. For more information or to make a booking please use our enquiry form, or you can call direct on 020 7638 8811.