Virolens Evaluation Trial

Virolens machine

The Brewery is currently restricted by law from hosting events, so we have opened our doors to an exciting evaluation trial, for a potentially game changing new Covid-19 testing technology, Virolens.

The goal of the evaluation trial is to achieve MHRA approval for the Virolens™ system. This will be achieved by identifying 150 validated positive and 250 validated negative Covid-19 test results.  The trial will compare results generated by the Virolens™ device against two different PCR tests processed by independent laboratories.

You can participate in the trial by clicking here

Developed by UK-based Company, i-Abra, the Virolens™ system uses microscopic holographic imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) software to detect Covid-19 at the exact time of testing. When a mouth swab is placed in the Virolens™ testing device, a holographic microscope examines the saliva sample and runs it through a computer trained to identify SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). This process takes just 20 seconds.

Virolens Machine

This is how the testing process works:

You take your own saliva sample with the mouth swab provided and place it into a testing cartridge.

A Virolens™ operator seals the cartridge and puts it into the Virolens™ device.

Your sample is examined by a holographic microscope, which looks at the light diffracted off the surface of each saliva component.

This holographic imaging is then run through an artificially-intelligent computer trained to detect SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

The device then returns a positive/negative result for Covid within just 20 seconds.

Instant point of care testing for Covid-19 has the potential to open up large scale events, sports, festivals and theatres by creating a safer environment for attendees. A solution that offers rapid and accurate testing would present the opportunity for large crowds to access a site with minimal queues or fuss. There are however, limitations to the current testing technologies, which prevent them from doing this effectively. Virolens offers a potential solution to bridge this gap.

The trial at The Brewery is being conducted by i-Abra and is authorised by the MHRA. It is running from the 3rd February for an initial 7 day period, and is open from 7am-7pm Monday to Friday, and 10am-4pm on Saturday (closed on Sunday).

If you would like to help get society moving again by participating in the trial, you can find out more information and book online by clicking here.