Wedding Music Tips from Tony Perry (DJ TP)

Choosing your DJ and the right music for your wedding is not an easy thing, that’s why we’ve asked one of our preferred suppliers @thedjtp to send us some music tips to help you with your wedding planning!
Tony has been working with the Brewery as a DJ for years but also in an event management capacity with @perrysweddingco over the last 20 years to create magnificent Mediterranean weddings in The Porter Tun! Read below his Top 5 music tips or download the PDF by clicking on the following link: Music and DJ Tips from DJ TP


Getting peace of mind from your DJ

Its always a good idea for your DJ to get familiar with the venue well in advance of the big day, whether it’s a site visit or a discussion with the event manager. At the Brewery, this is always straightforward due to the in house sound technicians who make life super easy for us DJs!

Don’t be afraid to ask them for song suggestions

Many couples don’t have ‘a song’ as such, so your DJ should be more than happy to help with suggestions for your first dance, cake cutting, bridal party entrance etc. Also, its important for your DJ to be open and honest on whether they feel a particular song will have the right impact.

Remember your Audience

Whilst I am sure your favourite tunes from Glasto, or that summer in Ibiza are what you want to hear, its vital to win the crowd over first, given there’s likely to be a variety of ages and tastes to cater for. Its always best to start with more known music, such as Motown, Disco, Pop hits (you don’t have to be cheesy all the time), to make sure you don’t alienate certain parts of your crowd. For example, if you have a contingent from broad, it might be nice to acknowledge them with a song from their homeland (may be over dinner), or for the oldies, something from their heyday will make them feel included. But then as the night progresses, your DJ can increase the party atmosphere as the night progresses for the younger guests (and cooler parents!).

DJ TP Live

Check it’s the right version!

You’d be surprised at how many different version of ‘that Ed Sheeran’ song there might be. To be sure, send a weblink of the specific version you want in advance of the big day, so that the DJ can get this right for you.

Leave them on a high

As the wedding day goes by so quickly, there is a temptation for ‘more song’.  Whilst its important to get the most from your wedding day, its key for your DJ to slowly wind things down, rather than a sudden stop. Getting your DJ to jump on the mic, letting the guests know there is a slower song coming to end the night, is always a nice touch.