Welcome Back to The Grubstreet Author!

⭐️Welcome (again!) to The Grubstreet Author ⭐️


After a long break it was time for our sister venue The Grubstreet Author to be reintroduced to you by our lovely Business Development Manager Katrina Wallace !
The Grubstreet is a collection of luxurious event spaces created and operated by the same team as the The Brewery on Chiswell Street. It is located in the same building as The Brewery but has a different (and private) entrance on Milton street. It is situated on what was once the Grub Street, an area renowned for bohemian writers and this rich history has provided the inspiration for the venue.

Key Facts about The Grubstreet Author:

✅ Three different spaces with different atmospheres
✅ Perfect for small conferences, product launches, screenings (yes we have a little cinema room) intimate weddings , drinks receptions or even as a VIP area.
✅ Can host 20 to 120 guests
✅ Can be used in conjunction with the main Brewery
✅ Speakeasy vibe

The Sample Room


The Sample Room is the first of our spaces and is the room where back in the days the latest alcoholic creations were tried and tested before being unleashed on the general public 🍺🍻
It is now the perfect space for drinks reception, breakout rooms, private parties, product launches or networking events 💻🖌

Key facts:

✅ Can host 70 guests standing (120 when used alongside The Pasteur Room)
✅ Integrated PA System (4 x DAD Ark 106MP Speakers)
✅ Inclusive coloured LED Lighting
✅ Fitted metallic bar with glowing neon
✅ Soft Furnishings

The Pasteur Room


The room is named after the famous French chemist Louis Pasteur who visited The Brewery on Chiswell Street and The Grubstreet Author in 1871 to investigate the problem of beer fermentation.
What can be better than to host your events in the very room where the humble pint was perfected 🍺?

The room can host up to 66 guests for dinner or up to 120 guests when used alongside the Sample Room. The industrial and traditional elements of the room as well as the tin tiled roof and burnt iron chandelier make it the perfect space to host a private dinner and will add character to any drinks reception or conference.

Key facts:

✅ Inclusive Coloured LED lighting
✅ Integrated PA system
✅ can host 66 guests dinner style and 120 when used alongside the Sample Room



The Cutting Room


This remastered vintage cinema is the hidden gem of The Grubstreet Author

Before being lost to time The Cutting room was the place where workers would gather to watch a picture together at the end of the week. Now restored to its former glory and with the latest technology The Cutting Room is the perfect space for screenings, teammeetings and even small conferences 💻📝🍿

Key facts:

✅ 48 fixed seats
✅ 98 inch screen
✅ Immersive LED lights



If you would like to know more about The Grubstreet Author, get in touch with our Sales team at info@grubstreetauthor.co.uk or check our Instagram page for the latest news and pictures about our unique space (Instagram: here)