What we learnt from the latest Knowledge Guild….


We always enjoy hosting #KnowledgeGuild with Speakers Corner and last week was no different, with amazing speakers including Brendan Hall, Maggie Alphonsi, Sally Bundock and Ed Stafford taking to the stage. We jotted down their insights and advice which will help us in our quest for #MondayMotivation. Here’s some of what we learnt…

A victim mentality hinders not helps

In order to encourage a certain level of resilience, we need to let go of the negative thoughts that seep into our minds during a challenging situation. Phrases such as “we don’t deserve this” and “why us” should be pushed away in favour of a growth mindset. Learning from mistakes is much more important than being regretful about them.

We need to remember our “why”

Remembering the reason behind the goals you want to achieve often provides a sense of clarity that enables you to succeed, according to the wonderful Maggie Alphonsi. We will be writing our why’s in the front of our notebooks from now on!

We should embrace our instincts

Ed Stafford overcame many challenges surviving on a desert island for 60 days by himself. He highlighted that, in order to push yourself out of your comfort zone, it is important to quieten our overactive analytical brains and focus on our gut instincts more often.

Let’s talk about Imposter Syndrome

All speakers touched upon that dreaded Imposter Syndrome and noted that it is vital that we remember that everyone struggles and we should talk to each other about it. The more we acknowledge Imposter Syndrome, whether in our professional or personal lives, the less affected we will be by those sneaky self-doubts.


We hope everyone who attended last week enjoyed the #event! Keep an eye out for announcements about the summer iteration of Knowledge Guild!