Using live data to improve your event

Live data can be a valuable asset to event organisers, giving them insights into attendee behaviour that would previously have been inaccessible. Through a variety of tools, from apps to chatbots and everything in between, event organisers can imbue their events with increased personalisation and tailoring to make sure all elements run smoothly.

81 per cent of event professionals say integrating data from attendees’ digital and physical footprints is important and that on-site technologies provide not only act as an analytical tool for organisers, but also make the event a better experience for visitors.

IBM Watson technology conference and exhibition at The Brewery

Collecting the live data

If you want to use live data at your event, the first thing you must do is gather it. There are several ways to do this, from monitoring social media mentions and hashtags (#) of the event and positioning feedback devices around the venue, to use of apps and wearable tech.

Event apps

When organising an event in our technology-saturated world, one of the main focuses should be creating an app to help attendees navigate their day and provide organisers with the data they need to personalise and improve their events.

An app can contain numerous features that allow you to harvest live data, including event agendas, digital passes, chatbots and the ability to poll users.

Social media

Social listening is a fantastic way to harvest live data, especially if the event has a hashtag, since it’s an easy way for attendees to share their thoughts and opinions. Setting up a way to monitor this, whether that’s through a tracking system or by setting up alerts on the event’s social media channels, can be highly valuable because that will give organisers a central place to manage and review all event mentions.

The effectiveness of the tool for event organisers will depend on the theme of the event. For example, the demographic of a festival may lend itself more towards social media interactivity than a business conference, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be monitored.

Feedback devices

If you’ve ever seen stands out and about with smiley faces asking you to rate your visit or experience, you have encountered feedback devices. These tools are simple and inobtrusive but allow for organisers to register the sentiment of guests and attendees throughout their event venue, focusing on different locations or specific services.

Wearable tech

By far the most recently developed way of harvesting live data, wearable tech is available in many forms. Entry wristbands are most common, and, as they contain Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, they can either be linked to an event app or used in isolation with a social media channel to track attendee behaviour and movements, and the possibility of ticket fraud.

At The Brewery, we have recently begun a new partnership with Visit by GES, who provide Smart Exhibition technology, in the form of their Smart Badges, to help visitors navigate exhibition shows with greater ease and foster richer interactions with exhibitors, content, sessions, and features, all through scanning the ticket.

Technology exhibition at The Brewery

Utilising the live data

Once you’ve decided on the method for acquiring the live data, you can then investigate how you want to use it.

An event agenda allows attendees to book onto talks and presentations enabling organisers to find out how many people want to attend each talk and send attendees notifications when these are about to begin.

Attendees can receive their tickets or passes through the app meaning that organisers can track when a visitor enters and leaves the event. The pass could even be used to check into talks or access services, providing organisers with a map of attendees’ movements around the venue. These types of tracking systems can also help to redistribute guests to avoid big queues at popular locations.

A chatbot could exist in the app to assist with questions from attendees, giving organisers an insight into what needs to be adapted to make the event either run more smoothly or provide more enjoyment to visitors e.g. clearer signposting if many attendees ask where things are.

Polls and questionnaires could be provided during the event, asking visitors to provide feedback on talks, services, and the event in general. These would be especially effective with events spanning over multiple days since the feedback from day one can inform and help to improve the following days.


If you want your event to lean even more towards interactivity, why not consider gamification and create an interactive experience for all your attendees? Use game design concepts to engage your attendees while allowing them to win prizes, enter competitions and score points for their teams.

The live data this produces can be useful to measure not only how involved and engaged your attendees are, but also show what motivates them to play and help you achieve your own event goals. For example, a game where visitors score points for meeting and having conversations with new people can be an effective way to encourage networking.

Embrace live data with The Brewery

If you’re looking for a live data-friendly venue that can help you adapt your event to achieve the data insight, look no further than The Brewery. We can help host your event, using one of our six fantastic spaces, and will be able to assist with implementing any live data collection methods you have, whether that’s through using our fast, unlimited Wi-Fi connections, or through our brand new partnership with Visit by GES, who bring Smart Exhibition technology right to the exhibition floor.

Interactive smart robot

Contact us today to find out how we can help you harness live data at your next event.

The Brewery showcases its catering prowess with al fresco dinner and foraging dessert

On Thursday 31 July, award-winning London events venue The Brewery got the summer season in full swing with a scrumptious evening of feasting and surprises for more than 140 industry professionals.

The Summer Garden Party was a chance for the venue’s food and beverage teams to show their creative flair and use of unusual, seasonal ingredients.

Food director Tom Gore talking through the canape starter

Food director, Tom Gore took attendees on a culinary journey, starting with an al fresco dinner celebrating the best of British produce. The menu consisted of delicious dishes such as:

Artichoke éclairs

Orange meat fruit

Crab terrarium, Japanese custard, cress and coral crisp

Beef and thyme butter with crispy sourdough

Te Mana lamb with summer vegetable garden

Beef butter and sourdough bread by the Brewery chefs

The Brewery’s Beverage Manager, Will Irvine, paired these dishes with a selection of wines from The Brewery’s carefully curated wine lists. With a mixture of Old and New World wines, the canapés and crab were paired with a high end Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a delicate pink rosé from Provence. The lamb dish was served with the latest addition to The Brewery’s wine list, a fully organic Bordeaux-style red blend from South Africa’s premium wine region, Stellenbosch.

Beverage manager Will briefing the team at The Brewery

For dessert, guests were led down to The Brewery’s Smeaton Vaults to indulge in an edible jungle.

Cocktail fountain in the Smeaton Vaults

With sweet treats hidden amongst trees, chocolate covered bark and a flowing cocktail fountain, people were able to interact with the space whilst enjoying delicious strawberry doughnuts, brownies and fruits.

Finally, guests were led into The Brewery’s newest hide away, The Grubstreet Author, where espresso martinis, amaretto sours and gimlets were served by the talented team of mixologists.

Tom Gore commented: “Since taking our catering capabilities in-house last year, The Brewery’s food and beverage offering has gone from strength to strength. The team and I have enjoyed creating personal menus for all types of events and our Summer Garden Party really gave us the chance to show what we are capable of. It was a delight to see everyone engaging with our garden-themed dinner and foraging dessert experience”.

And the winner is…

Hopefully The Brewery as this week we have made the shortlist for not one, not two but three industry awards. We’ve got fingers and toes crossed for the ceremony in October when we will be looking to return home triumphantly. We’ve got the champagne on ice, all we need now is an excuse to drink it. Watch this space for the update on how we get on.

The Brewery nominated for two london venue awards
The Brewery nominated for a London Catering Award

Honey & Soy Jackfruit Poke Recipe Card

The summer is here and it’s time to break out all those gorgeous BBQ flavours, perfect to enjoy in the sunshine with a group of friends or family. Our talented Executive Chef, Andy Ritchie, has created the perfect dish for the occasion: Honey and Soy Jackfruit – a stylish starter full of fantastic flavours; perfect for entertaining a larger group.

Honey and Soy Jackfruit Poke Recipe Card

Click here to download

If you’re looking for more gorgeous food this year, why not book a Summer Party at The Brewery and enjoy a fantastic foodie event; sip on cocktails and champagne and sample the finest summer BBQ menu, right in the heart of London.

Click here to find out more or head to our enquiry form to make your booking for this summer.

Reducing single-use plastics at your event

With the increase in awareness about the harm that single-use plastic causes to the environment, you may be wondering how to reduce single-use plastics at your event. Whether you’re holding a conference or an exhibition, a wedding or an intimate dinner, there are ways to reduce your plastic consumption while still holding an event that is both environmentally friendly and a fabulous experience for your guests.

Choose the right venue

Choosing the right venue is an important first step to reducing the number of single-use plastics at your upcoming event. The venue you choose needs to be capable of using alternative solutions to some of the most common single use plastics e.g. straws, water bottles and single use catering boxes and wraps.

Beyond that, also ask to speak to the venue’s caterers, if they have them. Ask about their plastic policy – do they use a lot of plastic wrap in the kitchen or do they store in Tupperware containers that can be reused? Is their produce delivered in plastic packaging? How do they deal with plastic waste?

At The Brewery, the only single use plastic that we come across is the packaging that our suppliers use. All the other single-use plastic that used to be present at our venue, such as straws, stirrers, food boxes, have been removed and either replaced with compostable versions or not replaced at all.

Remove unnecessary plastic accessories

Often at an event, especially a conference, there may be a many plastic items that could be adapted to be more ecologically friendly. Giveaways, handouts and freebies, whether that’s a plastic name badge, lanyard, pen or plastic water bottle, are rife in the events industry and since a lot are single use for the event, they’ll just be thrown away once the day is over.

Instead of buying plastic versions of items, why not choose more ecologically friendly alternatives? Instead of plastic name badges, provide people with cardboard ones. Give your attendees bamboo lanyards instead of synthetic ones. Instead of pens, why not give them a pencil or other freebie, such as a tote bag? And, instead of disposable plastic water bottles, provide reusable ones and a water source.

Reuse items whenever possible

Sometimes, we use single-use plastic items when we really don’t need to. For your next event, ask yourself whether you could use reusable items instead. For example, instead of using plastic cutlery, use regular stainless-steel cutlery and just ask your attendees to return them to a certain place.

Another alternative for water bottles, instead of providing all your guests with reusable ones, is to lean on the supplies your venue has and potentially use drinks dispensers and glasses instead.

As Anna Keetley, the founder of Less Plastic, says “We don’t need to use disposables – we’ve just got into the habit of thinking that we do.”

Choose your single-use items carefully

While it may be your intention to completely avoid single-use items altogether at your next event, it may not always be completely possible. However, if you do have to use single use items, there are a number of great alternatives that will help you avoid reaching for the easy plastic option.

For example, when providing catering, why not use paper plates, wooden cutlery and compostable takeaway cups instead of the regular plastic versions? When providing pens for people to take notes, give them recycled, biodegradable pencils instead.

Stall food menu at The Brewery

However, it’s key to be aware of the requirements that the items have for their disposal – compostable cups, as the name suggests, need to be composted instead of simply thrown away, since they need heat to decompose.

Consider recycling if nothing else

If you can’t avoid using single-use plastic at your event, make sure you use plastic items that can still be recycled. While it’s not a perfect solution, you’ll still be able to ensure that the items you use aren’t going to landfill, as long as you check that the venue itself has a good recycling policy.

Holding your plastic-free event at The Brewery

We take great care to minimise the amount of single-use plastic we use at The Brewery. As we mentioned before, all previously single-use plastic items that we had at our venue have either been replaced with more sustainable, eco-friendly versions, or not replaced at all.

If you’d like to ask us more about our practices or want to find out how to book your event with us, simply contact us and we’ll get back to you with everything you need to know.

The power of storytelling and bringing brands to life

Amazing christmas party costume

Talk to anyone in the events industry and they’ll tell you that storytelling is one of the key aspects of planning and theming an event. Guests love being more than just bystanders, involved in the event instead of looking in from the outside.

Storytelling can do so much more than simply adding an experience to your event, it can also help bring your brand to life, both at the event and afterwards when people remember the day and associate the memories with your brand. Live events have boosted in popularity for that very reason, allowing the customers to build loyalty and connect with the companies in a more meaningful way.

Simon Lockwood, Creative Director at The Brewery, who works on all the events we hold – from Halloween and Christmas parties to weddings and conferences – believes the best way to start when creating an interactive, immersive event is to create your story.

“Like any good story, your event should have a clear and cohesive narrative which guests are made well aware of in advance. Start with the invites so that they know right from the outset that this is no ordinary event.”

Establishing expectation is key to building the kind of experience that guests will be talking about for months afterwards. Building up anticipation, teasing just enough of the event to get people theorising, is a great way to give enough to intrigue guests while leaving the surprise for the night itself.

“When telling a good story, it’s often the things you leave unsaid that stand out the most. Even if you don’t think it will be appreciated or noticed, the little details often make all the difference to guests and is a great way to highlight the intricate thinking that goes into your brand activations.”

An example of this can be seen in our House Macabre Halloween event in 2016. We gave guests individually personalised tarot card invitations, which included a link to the digital website and led guests to an online clock, counting down until the event.

The event drew out the element of anticipation even further on the night, starting with guests arriving at the venue to see a crashed car outside the front wall, heading up the stairs to the venue space surrounded by hanging black and white photographs, and squeezing past a weeping widow, before entering the venue space. Creating a journey is a crucial part of the storytelling experience, since it dramatically speeds up the feeling of connection between guests.

“Implementing this can be a hugely effective method for brands and businesses to create a sense of community in a short period of time,” Simon explains.

One of the ways that we engage our guests is through the use of a themed cast. Each of our Christmas and Halloween parties includes a group of cast members, dressed in the style of the event theme, who mingle with the guests and tell their stories, adding to the depth of the event narrative.

“A great tale drags us in and makes us feel like a member of the cast. That’s exactly what you want to achieve through live events. You want your guests to be active members of the story rather than passive observers going along for the ride.”

As Simon adds, “Immersive events should do everything they can to keep guests wrapped up in the story being told and avoid breaking the illusion at all costs.” This approach, making sure that every detail is considered, is a fun way to show showing potential clients that serious consideration has been put into your event. This sets the scene for your performance as a business as a whole.

Fun Halloween party theme

Your guests want to be part of the collective experience, part of something not only bigger than themselves, but part of a once-in-a-lifetime event. This emphasis on storytelling not only brings your brand to life, and to the forefront of your guests’ minds in the months following, but also creates an event that’s worth much more than its individual components.

The messages that your guests will receive, beyond the story experience itself, of dedication, adept planning, creativity, attention to detail and a sense of community will stand you in good stead far beyond the final curtain fall at the end of the night.

“If you can create an incredible story, fill it with intricate and amazing details and then make your guests feel like the star of the show, you’ll create an event which is worth much more than the sum of its parts. For us, that’s the true hallmark of a great storyteller.”

If you’d like to book a Christmas or Summer party at The Brewery, or talk to our events design team to find out what one-of-a-kind theme we could create for your conference, event, wedding or party, simply contact us here and we’ll get that creative, storytelling journey started.

The Brewery and Speakers Corner encourage audiences to unleash their inner rock star at Knowledge Guild

The King George III room at The Brewery setup for the Knowledge Guild Conference

On Monday evening (24 June), The Brewery and Speakers Corner welcomed more than 150 event professionals and thought leaders to its Knowledge Guild showcase. The latest installment in the popular conference series addressed the incredible pace of change in the events industry in the last 10 years and the need to inspire teams to reach new heights and stay above the competition.

The event was compered by June Sarpong MBE who was joined by an impressive line-up of speakers who have each performed at the very top within their respective professions, and have consistently demonstrated a high-performance mentality in order to remain there.

As part of the evening, Nicolas Hamilton shared how despite being born with cerebral palsy, he was able to become the first disabled athlete to compete in the British Touring Car Championship in 2015. His inspiring story demonstrated how you can do achieve anything if you put your mind to it, regardless of any perceived obstacles. 

Nicolas Hamilton speaks at The Knowledge Guild conference at The Brewery

As one of the first producers of Channel 4’s hit Big Brother, Naomi Sesay went on to become Producer/Director and Presenter on MTV News at the height of the channel’s popularity. Having returned to Channel 4 as the On-Screen Diversity Executive, Naomi addressed how the value of shared information will bring about new ideas, stories and societies.

The final speaker of the evening was musician, dynamic performer and strategic business mind, Mark Schulman. Currently on tour with P!NK, Mark offered advice to the audience on how to unlock your rock star attitude and what it takes to be a consistent high-performer. He reinforced that you can shift and change your attitude in any given situation, resulting in happier and more successful consequences.

Nick Gold, Managing Director at Speakers Corner, said: “Last night’s Knowledge Guild was another incredible evening, consolidating the event’s popularity in presenting high-quality speakers who have genuinely inspiring and thought-provoking stories to tell. We hope that by spending the evening listening to these fantastic speakers the audience feel encouraged and inspired to push themselves to reach new heights both personally and professionally, and maintain a high-performance mentality individually and as a collective.”

June Sarpong MBE speaks at The Knowledge Guild conference at The Brewery

Faye Loader, Head of Business Development at The Brewery added, “It was amazing to see so many people at the latest Knowledge Guild, enjoying the varied speakers this time. Attendees got to enjoy our garden marquees, which have been set up for the summer season, as well as our popular food stall menu, often selected for a wide range of events from conferences to parties. We look forward to meeting more attendees at the next Knowledge Guild in September for further food, networking and knowledge sharing.”

At the end of all Knowledge Guild events, guests and speakers share stories during a Q&A session. After the panel session, attendees networked with each other and the speakers in The Brewery’s Lower Sugar room. Guests enjoyed cocktails and a food stall menu, designed by The Brewery’s in-house catering team. Dishes included a tomato, caper, feta, pesto and bagel crumb salad and fried fish goujons with tartar, potato crisps, pea relish and tortilla.

The Knowledge Guild is a partnership between The Brewery and Speakers Corner, offering a mixture of world-class speakers and exceptional individuals discussing pertinent topics in a panel discussion.

How to host an event-inspired party

Summer party with wimbledon tennis theme at The Brewery

Connecting your party to an existing event is a great way to give yourself a theme to work with; an event can inspire the décor, food and drink, and even the venue of your party. Not to mention that it can provide a fun and interesting twist to a party, such as a birthday or anniversary, and make it different to the ones you’ve celebrated before.

Read on to find out how to plan and host an event-inspired party that all your guests will love.

Choose your event

The first decision to make when planning for an event-inspired party is to decide which event to take inspiration from. We’ve picked out some of our favourites to provide you with some starting ideas.

For sporting fans, you could choose Wimbledon or Royal Ascot – both have clear themes to draw from – or one of the many football championships; The World Cup or the European Championship, depending on the year, or the FA Cup.

For music lovers, Glastonbury, Reading, or other music festivals can be a great way to draw in music and a theme. Whether your guests love pop and rock, folk, jazz and blues, or another musical genre, there’ll be a festival you can use to inspire your party hosting.

Band playing at Glastonbury themed event at The Brewery

Award ceremonies are also a great place for inspiration, especially for parties that will also include giving out awards, since they’re both glamorous and well styled, and there are so many of them during the year that there’s sure to be one that fits.

Tailor your theme

Once you’ve decided on the event to take inspiration from, it’s a good idea to decide how far you want to take your theme, since this will inform the rest of your decisions for décor, food and drink, and venue.

If you’re planning a Wimbledon party, do you want all the tables to have miniature tennis nets across them and tennis balls strung up around the room? Or would you prefer subtly represent Wimbledon by requesting all the guests wear white and keeping the colour palette to purple, green and white?

There are a number of options available to you when tailoring your theme but it’s a good idea to have some idea of how extravagant or simple you’d like to have it before planning further.

Find a venue

The perfect venue for your event-inspired party will be one that allows you to be as creative as you want with your décor and event theming. Depending on your event theme, it may be that a minimalist venue will work best, since it allows for greater customisation. Alternatively, a venue that has more character could be better for something like an Ascot-inspired event because it draws on similar heritage themes.

If you’re looking for an event space that allows for a large amount of customisation but also has lashings of character to add to your party, consider one of The Brewery’s six venue spaces. Each one has a different capacity and features and all can be decked out with everything you desire, thanks to the assistance of our specialist event design team.

Decide on food and drink

Food and drink are one of the most creative aspects of an event-inspired party to plan, since there’s lots you can do to represent the event you’ve chosen. Whether you decide to serve food that exists at the event, such as serving strawberries and cream as a dessert for Wimbledon, or food inspired by the event, such as street food inspired by the stalls at Glastonbury Festival, the options are endless.

Summer cocktail at The Brewery

Maybe even put a spin on an event classic, such as creating a cocktail with the flavours traditionally associated with afternoon tea for an Ascot or regatta themed event.

If you’re looking for a venue that allows you the creativity and flexibility to concoct a truly event-inspired menu, look no further than The Brewery. With our award-winning chefs and fully bespoke menu creation for your event, we’ll be able to bring all your ideas to life.

If you’re planning an event-inspired party, don’t hesitate to make an enquiry today. Our wealth of experience, services, and skills will enable us to support you through every step of the planning process and help you create a party that all your guests will love!

The best wedding planning apps

Tools for planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is hard work – there’s just so much to think about! In the past, it has been customary to organise everything for your upcoming nuptials in a wedding planning book, but that could regularly cause issues when things needed to be rearranged, removed or edited.

Now, don’t reach for the pencil. We’ve got a much easier way to keep everything organised and exactly where you need it – wedding planning apps. We’ve collected several different ones to help you plan and prepare for every aspect of your big day and cover everything you’d ever need.


Hailed by The Telegraph as “the highest rated wedding app in the world”, BrideBook operates as a central wedding planner that you can use to:

  • Set up wedding checklists, which can be personalised with your exact timelines and tasks.
  • Plan your guest list.
  • Keep track of your budget.
  • Search for the perfect wedding venue and suppliers for your big day.


And the services don’t stop there! You can also use BrideBook to create a wedding countdown and gain insightful wedding advice from their experts.

You can simply download it from the App Store or Play Store, and it’s completely free.

Top Table Planner

This one isn’t technically an app but, if you’ve been pouring over the seating plan for so long that you’re no longer sure who’s sitting at each table, Top Table Planner could be the perfect solution.

With fully customisable table shapes and layouts, you’ll be able to figure out exactly who is sitting where and move guests around with no issue if you’re seating arrangements change or your guest list numbers fluctuate.

Pantone Studio

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding, beyond the essentials like the bride and groom and venue, is the colour scheme for the day. Most weddings have a colour scheme which inspires all aspects of the event, from the venue to the bridesmaid’s dresses. If you’re struggling to figure out your own colour scheme, why not take a look at Pantone Studio.

While technically a paint-choosing app, Pantone Studio is set up to help you create palettes for your home but can easily be applied to creating that perfect wedding colour scheme.

Download it on either the App Store or the Play Store for free, which gives you access to a selection of colours, or purchase a monthly subscription and get full access to more than 10,000 colours.


If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for table decorations, or aren’t sure what style of bouquet you’d like, Pinterest is a great place to turn, since it can offer you a vast number of options and allow you to pin together all the ones you like.

What this fantastic app can do is provide a way to narrow down the vast expanse of options available – by pinning one dress and not another, a bride is coming one step closer to their vision for their big day and narrowing down exactly what they’d like the day to be like.

Etsy App

Once you’ve pinned everything you’d like for your wedding on Pinterest, Etsy is the next best place to turn for any unique items that you’d like to source for your wedding day. From personalised veils and floral crowns, to gothic broaches and custom table centres, you can find everything you could possibly want for your big day, and they’ll all be handmade.


While you can organise a photographer for your wedding and put disposable cameras on your tables, there will always be pictures that you won’t see of your wedding day. But, what if there was a way you could?

WedBox is a great app to combine all the photos that your guests have taken on their phones and a way to share the snaps with everyone else who attended, and also those who maybe couldn’t. Simply have everyone connect to the WedBox App (downloadable on the App store and Google Play Store) and upload their pictures. Then you can simply download them and share them wherever you wish.

Appy Couple

Not looking forward to the idea of sending out all your invites in the post and managing the RSVPs? This is where the app, Appy Couple, can lend a hand. You can use this free app to not only create invitations for your special day, but also send them out digitally to all your guests, and monitor your RSVPs, all in one easy to access place!


Many couples have lived together before getting married, so there’s not always so much need for a wedding registry filled with home appliances, crockery and cutlery. If you know that people will still want to buy things, but don’t want to put together a list of items that you just don’t need, why not consider Honeyfund?

Honeyfund helps you receive donations from friends and family that will go towards activities and events on your honeymoon, such as spa treatments or fancy meals out, or even ask for money to go towards a new house or a charity that’s dear to your hearts.


A wedding, as joyful as it will be on the day, can be a stressful event to organise. For that reason, our final app recommendation isn’t one to help you plan or organise or manage your wedding day, but one to help you take time and relax away from all the stress.

Headspace is a fantastic app that focuses on providing guided meditation exercises and prompts to help you find mindfulness and focus on what’s really important.

Weddings at The Brewery

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the heart of London, look no further than The Brewery. With six gorgeous venue spaces, well suited for customisation and any number of guests, we can help host your wedding day with style. Not to mention, we have a fantastic wedding planner, Milena Gorska, who can help out with all the details of your big day.

Picture story: Weddings at The Brewery

Here at The Brewery, we love helping to create the magical moments that make a wedding special. From our venue itself, to the event design and catering, we want to make sure that our couples experience the most special big day. For that reason, we thought we’d share some of our favourite pictures from weddings that we’ve helped create for our couples.

Romantic wedding venue with exposed beams and brick
The 1000 guest capacity Porter Tun
An intimate wedding venue
Personalised wedding - chuppa adorned with fresh flowers
Jewish wedding with amazing lighting and decor
A gorgeous chuppah
Newly married couple making their way to a waiting car
Celebrating under the fantastic glass marquee
Couple getting married at The Brewery
Wedding dance floor and band

Romantic bower strung with fairy lights

Our gorgeous Porter Tun venue space really lends itself to some stunning wedding event design. With exposed beams and brickwork, it can be transformed into a wonderful, romantic bower strung with fairy lights.

100 guest wedding venue

There’s more than enough space for a first dance – the Porter Tun is our largest event space and perfect for big weddings – it has a capacity for up to 1,000 guests.  

Intimate, stylish ceremony location

Love is in the air in our Sugar Rooms. With floods of natural light streaming through the elegant Georgian windows, this is the perfect space for an intimate, stylish ceremony and celebration.

Chuppah for a wonderful Jewish wedding, adorned with fresh flowers

Our venue spaces can be personalised for any type of ceremony. Here we have a chuppah for a wonderful Jewish wedding, adorned with fresh flowers.

Bespoke wedding decorations

We want to make sure that your wedding is just how you imagined it to be. That’s why we have an exceptional partner who can provide amazing audio-visual effects to your special day.

Another gorgeous chuppah

Another gorgeous chuppah, this time nestled into our King George III venue space. Steeped in royal history and boasting barrel-vaulted ceiling and exposed brickwork, this is a wonderfully-romantic space where you can hold an intimate ceremony, without leaving anyone off your guest list.

Newly married couple kissing

Our Queen Charlotte room, which can be connected to the King George III room, is the ideal location for your first dance. You can use the LED lighting systems to create a unique look for your space, and the hidden bar can help provide everyone with the courage they need to take to the dance floor!

Wedding guests in 18th Century cobbled courtyard

Our beautiful 18th Century cobbled courtyard is the perfect place for your send off as a married couple. The archway takes you out to your waiting car, ready to whisk you away to anywhere in the heart of London.

Unique wedding location and backdrop

Our courtyard can also be the perfect place for your photographs, since it’s hidden away from the busy streets and provides a unique backdrop that you won’t see anywhere else.

Amazing glass marquee for weddings

If you’re looking for something truly special, during the summer months our courtyard plays host to a fantastic glass marquee. Celebrate your wedding surrounded by all the trappings of a quintessential English garden, without worrying about the possibility of rain.

If you’re engaged and looking for a venue for your wedding, and you like what you’ve seen above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. With a wedding planner to guide you through the whole process and six different venue spaces to accommodate all sizes of guest lists, plus mouth-watering cuisine and beautiful event design, we’ll make sure your special day is all you want it to be.

Find out more about our wedding offering here.