£1,000 spend required for 50/50 shot at Olympics Tickets

Brits had to spend on average £1,000 on Olympics tickets in order to achieve a 50/50 per cent chance of getting “at least one ticket”, the Guardian has claimed.

The news publication came to the conclusion after polling some 5,000 people that applied for tickets, in order to uncover some of the buying trends.

From its findings, the Guardian deduced that those who spent between £1 and £249 on tickets had a 35 per cent chance of getting once ticket. Those who spend £250 to £499 increased their chances by five per cent, and the big spenders who had over £5,000 to spend managed to score an 83 per cent chance.

The results were contradicted by some exceptions, such as the family who spent around £11,000 on their ticket orders – and didn’t receive a single ticket.

The matriarch of the family was furious, claiming: “My husband and I applied for a vast number of tickets. I am so incensed that we as Londoners have paid for this event, and yet my family will not go and see it at all.”

However the lack in tickets may encourage more Brits to rent out function venues in order to watch their favourite sporting events with family and friends. Olympics parties will likely become more and more common as the race to 2012 continues.

Although many have been left empty-handed, calling the situation “unfair” in the Mirror, a scarce few got all the tickets they ordered – just 1.6 per cent of respondents to the Guardian’s poll.

One such lucky person spoke out, stating: “Ordered for Taekwondo and Judo early rounds and wasn’t surprised to get them But what joy at getting the cycling tickets at the velodrome! Yay!”