2012 Olympic Games tickets will be most expensive ever

Prestige tickets for 2012’s Olympic Games – which will take place across a range of venues – will go down in history as being the most expensive ever in the history of sport.

According to The Daily Mail, some prestige tickets could go for £4,500 each, and as these cannot be bought singularly, only in blocks on ten, this could set buyers back a cool £45,000 – even without the booking fees.

Furthermore, those hoping to buy hospitality tickets for the opening or closing ceremonies must shell out a minimum of £270,000 – as seats for at least four other events (and the other opening or closing event, whichever wasn’t purchased) have to be bought in conjunction with these tickets.

What is even more astonishing is that these figures are non-inclusive of VAT, which, for the £4,500 seats, will add on around £900 – taking the total to £5,400 per seat.

The list of ticket prices – yet to be released to the public – will see minimum prices for events starting at £150 each, plus a £26 booking fee. The organisers of the Games, LOCOG, have tried to justify their pricing for prestige seats by claiming £24 of it will go towards funding children’s tickets.

It is unknown if the official sellers of the prestige packages, including Prestige Ticketing Limited (PTL) and Soxedo, will publicly release their prices.

However a representative for Jet Set Sports, the third seller, said they “probably” wouldn’t make the prices public, claiming they offer “a bespoke service including travel, where every customer’s order is different.”

Top cyclist, Bradley Wiggins, quipped at the news, telling Yahoo.com: “Start saving, kids – it’s going to cost you to be inspired.”