2012 Olympics won’t bring London transport to a standstill

The 2012 Olympics are expected to drive massive amounts of tourism to the UK capital, with previous research predicting that the city’s 120,000 hotel rooms will be in fierce demand as visitors from around the world flock to the Olympic event venues.

However UK Inbound’s chief executive has stressed that London’s infrastructure is more than capable of handling the extra load. Speaking in Conference and Incentive Travel, Mary Rance said that businesses should be reassured that transport to conference centres and corporate venues in London will not be hindered by the thousands of leisure tourists.

“The UK is completely different from previous host countries,” said Ms Rance, “both in terms of our ease of access and our intrinsic strengths, while the infrastructure improvements generated by the 2012 games will make us even more attractive in the long term.”

UK Inbound is the trade association representing the UK’s inbound tourism sector. It is reportedly working in partnership with other organisations such as Visit Britain, Visit London and the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) to counter suggestions that Britain and London in particular will be too expensive or busy for business tourism during the games.

“We have more than enough capacity here and we need to reassure potential visitors that they can enjoy this fantastic, dynamic destination just as much in 2012, if not even more so,” said Ms Rance.