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2.5 million Britons to explore the UK this Easter

Some 2.5 million Britons are to take an overnight trip in England over the Easter period, contributing around £600 million in ‘tourism spend’ to the economy, bighospitality.co.uk reports.

That’s according to statistics published by VisitEngland, as part of its regular Trip Tracker. It also confirmed that £543 million of that spend will take place in England alone.

Almost six million of us have made plans to take a day trip somewhere in England, perhaps heading to the event spaces London has to offer, the seaside in Blackpool or the Cornish beaches. Around two million are keen to explore the country during the Bank Holiday weekend, but are waiting to see what the weather is like before making a final decision.

The news may inspire England’s restaurants, hotels and activity providers to up their game over the coming few days – especially as another 14.3 million Britons said they were definitely considering taking a trip somewhere over the weekend.

It’s perhaps no surprise that so many Britons would prefer to stay at home this Easter break, as it was only in mid-March that the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) confirmed that Britain is home to some of the ‘best visitor attractions in the world’, incentivetravel.co.uk confirmed.