65% of event managers use social media

A recent study has revealed that event managers are increasingly using social media to promote their events, with 65% of those who took part in the poll on evocos.co.uk saying they often used the tool.

According to Evocos – a producer of event management software – social media is now an important tool used by professionals to keep delegates and partners up to date with changes made to event spaces, times and logistics, as well as to promote the events themselves.

Only 35% of event managers who responded to the poll said they do not use social media as part of their event management. Speaking in Event Industry News Kate Oxton of Evocos said that she expected this figure to fall over the next 12 months, with the significant figure attributable to the fact that “many businesses are just coming around to the idea of Twitter and Facebook as a marketing tool.”

“Some event managers may be daunted by these new mediums or may be unsure as to the relevancy of it to their organisation,” says Oxton, “However, with more people signing up to Facebook and Twitter every day, it is something that we feel should be considered as part of an event management plan.”