800-seater table included in the thousands of Jubilee parties planned

A table seating 800 people is just one of the many celebrations planned in London for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend. 

Set to take place in Greenwich, the effort is unique but has almost been matched by a similar party, which will see 500 sit down to eat at a stretch near Piccadilly Circus.

These two gatherings are expected to contribute to a figure of over 1000 for parties held over the bank holiday weekend, as many roads prepare to temporarily close. In fact, thisislondon.co.uk has reported that Richmond is an area in demand, with 170 applications for road closures currently being considered by government officials.

The bank holiday could provide UK residents with one of the biggest reasons to celebrate this year; however, many will have to consider a plan B should things take a turn for the worst.

With telegraph.co.uk reporting on the wettest April on record, optimism for clear skies over the weekend of June 2nd isn’t growing and many might contemplate looking at available venues for hire to host their celebrations. This would ensure their event could go off without a hitch, regardless of the weather.

Furthermore, insurance will also have to be taken care for any large-scale parties and those in attendance will always expect a high level of safety. This might seem a little too much for the organisers, with an event venue offering the ideal solution.