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Add structure to your meetings to improve productivity, claims study

New research suggests that adding structure to company meetings could make them more productive, reports

A study by the University of Alabama suggests that employees improve their performance when business meetings are conducted in a ‘structured environment’. This way, employees attending corporate venues for meetings can reflect on their role and how it relates to their overall performance, claims the study.

The study found 40 teams of four members to play a simulated fire rescue video game designed for training purposes called Network Operations Fire. One half of the 40 teams conducted reflexive meetings during the game while the other half did not.

The 20 teams who did engage in reflexive phases after the first game improved their subsequent performance by a ‘significant margin’ compared to those who did not.

Team members in the reflexive roles were able to increase awareness of their own roles and discuss how to make everything ‘fit’, which could influence decision makers next time they book a meeting.

Kristen Weger, one of the study’s authors, commented on the game to “Each team member had a task, like one would operate the fire engine and one would run the helicopter. Giving them guidance in what to talk about influences their ability to communicate together and perform together.