Advice offered to those dreading the Christmas party

Advice has been offered to employees that are anxious about their upcoming Christmas parties.

Many workers complain about not feeling a part of the social goings on in their workplace or a detachment from their fellow workers. Whilst this is typically easy to avoid during the rest of the year, Christmas party season makes it incredibly difficult, as many have an expectation upon them to attend their work shindig, regardless of whether or not they’d actually like to attend.

Much of this comes from the raucous nature of typical Christmas parties. reports that despite 53 per cent viewing the occasion as an opportunity to network, few end up doing so, whilst 38 per cent end up getting “too drunk”.

Whilst the majority of workers cannot wait to get dressed up in their finery and spend every weekend in December in various function venues, others simply dread the experience and would like nothing more than an easy way to get out of it.

Now, following such a problem raised by a reader of, ‘Agony Uncle’ Matthew Turner revealed his tips for those dreading their Christmas party. 

Whilst admitting he too wasn’t the biggest fan of Christmas, Turner advised that workers should at least turn up at their Christmas parties. In simply doing the minimum and turning up, he said, it will show both fellow workers and bosses that the person is willing to get involved. After all, he added, it’s only an evening and the employee is still able to duck out when they feel able.