Advice on how to maximise event budgets

Advice about maximising event budgets from several experts in the events industry has been published on Conference & Incentive Travel today.

Speaking at C&ITs Corporate Forum this morning, event manager Kate Conway gave some cost-saving tips.

Conway, who works for Tesco internal communications, suggested using the skills of local colleges or community groups to carry out quality work at a fraction of the cost. This could be anything from designing and theming event spaces to providing the entertainment during the night.

Keep your budget under wraps, advised Conway. She explained that this will ensure suppliers are providing the best rate they can, rather than working to a fixed budget.

One way to use signs is via plasma screens, said Conway. This is a sustainable practice that is also more impressive than standard posters.

By taking on an intern, you’re helping the student by teaching them about the industry whilst making use of an extra pair of hands that can prove very useful.

By partnering with an emerging supplier, you’re better posed to negotiate costs. Conway suggests this is because the new company is keen for exposure, which means that you could draw up a deal that would help raise their profile. This could include incorporating their branding into a goodie bag, for example.

Kursha Woodgate commented on the article, contributing her advice that embracing social networking helps to raise awareness of the event, engage participants and get feedback. “This can be a very cost-effective way of keeping the lid on event marketing budgets,” Woodgate wrote.

The event kicked off C&ITs Corporate Forum even in Ascot this week.