Air traffic controllers should have no right to strike, Ryanair says

Irish airline Ryanair says that air traffic controllers should be banned from striking, after a French protest caused it to cancel 26 of its flights today (June 24).

Ryanair claims that Europe is “held to ransom” every summer by air traffic controllers and states that this must be stopped.

“Ordinary people who work hard all year to take a well-earned holiday have had their travel plans disrupted through no fault of theirs, because of the selfish actions of so few,” Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, says.

“It is high time the EU Commission removed these air traffic controllers’ right to strike, in the same way as Air Traffic Control (ATC) in the US, and many of Europe’s armies and police forces, are prohibited from striking by law.”

International Air Transport Association’s (IATA’s) CEO, Tony Tyler, isn’t happy with the timing of the strikes either. He states that business people needing to take vital trips are facing having their journeys disrupted, reports

The ongoing strike by French air traffic controllers will last for six days in total and it is believed that 50 per cent of all flights will be grounded as a result. However, France’s civil aviation authority claims it will be able to keep three-quarters of flights operational, reports