All Party Parliamentary Group for events industry

The event industry’s recent campaign to gain greater recognition from the government could prove successful after talks to set up an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) got underway.

The group is being organised by Enfield North MP Nick de Bois and he is set to invite MPs and representatives from all political parties shortly. There will also be representatives from the events industry such as those with venues for hire

Mr de Bois told Event Magazine: “During my time working in the industry I was conscious that government have not always recognised the contribution that this industry has made to the British economy and more importantly its potential contribution for the future.”

“Equally, we as an industry need to have a voice to reflect the many issues we face such as TOMS, cross border VAT, government support and infrastructure development. This APPG will be an excellent start in building that relationship,” he added.

The initiative has already got the backing of the Event Industry Forum (EIF) and the Business Visits and Events Partnership. It is though the initiative will look to improve marketing and bidding for international events to be held in the UK, as well as highlighting the value of the industry to the economy and creating an Event Industry Safety Guide.

“The events industry is a major contributor to the UK economy but really does not get the recognition it deserves, in part because it has been so fragmented. We hope that an All Party Parliamentary Group will help in addressing this and will, at the same time, help to add to the legacy of the Olympics,” added Event Industry Forum secretary Jim Winship.