All weddings are very similar, '112 Weddings' filmmaker says

Most weddings follow pretty much the same formula, because getting married is a way people can feel accepted by society, the filmmaker of ‘112 Weddings’ says.

Doug Block has been filming weddings for 20 years and decided to make a documentary following what happened after the big day of 112 different couples. Speaking to, Mr Block says he was surprised at how many of the couples didn’t really take ownership of their wedding day. It shows that people would rather be normal and not deviate too far from what an average wedding day consists of.

He adds that so much planning goes into the wedding, but no one really considers what happens afterwards. Mr Block recalls a rabbi who remarked in his film that it’s easy to make the big day a happy one, because people have invested so much money into it. However, a marriage is hard work and money cannot solve every problem.

Mr Block also mentions that there’s always a lot of tears at a wedding, but it’s still seen as a sort of taboo by some people.

“There will never be a more acceptable place to fully express your emotions publicly than at a wedding,” he explains on “I’ll never understand why some brides and grooms seems so determined not to cry, as if it’s a point of pride.”

Moreover, when the parents cry they aren’t always happy tears. Sometimes they’re sad because they’re letting go of their son or daughter, he adds.