Almost one-third of Brits choosing winter weddings

Just under one-third of British couples are choosing to get married in winter, as opposed to waiting for the warmer spring or summer months.

Figures pulled together from UK registry offices and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) found that increasingly, Britons are choosing to save money this way.

What’s more, it can help reduce any stress with regards to how the unpredictable British weather will perform, as it will reduce guests’ expectations of what the day will be like. That’s according to comments by Belinda Hanks, the editor of ‘Confetti’ magazine. She told “A lot of people are coming around to the fact that even if you book a wedding in the summer, the weather in Britain is not guaranteed to be good.”

She went on to claim that brides and grooms-to-be can save “thousands of pounds” by opting to get married during the cooler season, stating that budgets can be slashed by as much as a quarter.

“With the economy the way it is, couples are realising that if they go for a winter wedding, they can get a much better deal,” she added. This could leave couples with more money to spend on their favourite wedding reception venue, or perhaps securing the caterer they want.

Not only can couples allocate their budget to the things they really want by having a winter wedding, they can also make it a really fantastic occasion. focused on the real benefits of these weddings; such as being able to serve “hearty comfort food” that can really warm guests up before they head back out into the cold.