ALMR, Grand Union and BHA welcome Tube change

The introduction of a weekend-based, 24-hour London Underground service has been met with great delight by three of London’s hospitality bodies.

The British Hospitality Association (BHA), bar group Grand Union and the Association of Licensed Multiple Retails (ALMR) have all welcomed the news – with the latter’s strategic affairs director, Kate Nicholls, citing it as a “huge boost” to London’s many event venues.

“We will finally have a modern transport system which meets the needs of a £1.5bn industry,” Nicholls told, whilst the BHA’s Martin Couchman (the body’s deputy chief executive), called it “excellent news”.

What’s more, Grand Union’s Adam Marshall believes that the move will encourage more people to get out and about in London at night-time: “It’s the ability to go out and have a great night and not be so concerned about getting home. To have the option to get home the way you came in a [sic] great thing for people.”

According to the official Transport for London statement, published on, the change will come into force in 2015 and whilst all stations are in operation, ticketing staff will be on hand to help with any problems. Initially, the 24-hour services will be available on the Victoria, Central, Northern, Piccadilly and Jubilee lines.

London mayor Boris Johnson called the change a move “to the next level” and firmly believes that it will further establish London’s reputation as the world’s most exciting city in which to live.