Alternative wedding cakes becoming more common

An industry expert has claimed that more and more couples are opting for something more alternative for their wedding day cake.

Andy Christie, owner of Christie’s Artisan Bread & Pastry Shop in New Jersey, US, said that the traditional tiered wedding cake is becoming a lot less common, with couples hoping to have something different and more imaginative for their big day.

He claims that around one in ten wedding cake requests that he receives are now for something alternative. Mr Christie also claimed that those who are opting for traditional wedding came are choosing more elaborate creations which have a “flair” to them.

He told this week: “It’s really tailored to whatever they are into. A cigar humidor cake wasn’t too elaborate, but a school bus cake (he was the mechanic, she was a driver) was much more involved.”

Many couples are now opting for savoury cakes too – including those made of cheese.

Meanwhile, reports this week that more couples are now baking their wedding cake themselves. It is claimed that creating the cake at home fits in with the “green wedding” trend, as it is much more eco-friendly. It also saves cost and means that couples have full creative control about how their cake turns out.