American singer leaves Twitter trail of whereabouts

American singer, Nicki Minaj, has been leaving a Twitter trail of her whereabouts as she travels throughout the UK.

According to Music Rooms, Minaj has been updating her ‘friends’ on Twitter only moments before arriving at a range of event venues, causing chaos to break out amongst her fans.

However it seems the idea – which could have been executed in order to make fans feel closer to the star – may not have been the most practical or well thought through, as reports suggest she was unable to make it to one of her appearances and subsequently had to cancel, as a scrum of media and fans had gathered outside.

Minaj’s fans, or ‘barbies’ as she calls them, will be able to monitor Minaj’s progress throughout the trip via her Twitter page, on which she recently wrote: “Ugh! The London barbz r giving me life! They’re so passionate. They’re still @ the hotel. The hotel is threatening to kick me out.”

For many it seems, the chance to see their heroine in person has proved too overwhelming, with Minaj later tweeting: “Earlier one of my barbz fainted in my arms…” reported the Daily Mail.

Minaj’s ‘barbies’ will be able to catch her on various television and radio interviews over the next few days, and as talk of a performance with upcoming British singer, Jessie J, has been circulating, it is likely that this will not be the last chaotic encounter Minaj steps into on her trip.