Anger as Gay Pride London timetable curtailed

The reputation of the world’s biggest gay pride celebrations in London could be ruined by overzealous policing and council tactics, organisers have claimed.

World Pride is due to take place in London next Saturday 7 July, but many of the pre-planned events are suffering from new timetables or cancellations of support from Westminster.

Insiders at say that the advertised starting time of the event has been moved two hours earlier, from 1pm to 11am, while an entire rally in Soho has been cancelled and a post-parade event at Trafalgar Square has been shortened.

“The actions of the authorities will turn what would have been a positive event for London into a PR disaster,” said Peter Tatchell, one of Gay Pride’s longest supporters, cites

“Vast numbers of people will be left feeling let down and angry,” he said.

The World Pride festival has a wide following from the gay community throughout the whole of Britain. Many thousands of people flock from all parts of British Isles to enjoy the daytime celebrations before heading on to one of the many accommodating party venues London is known for.

Communication seems to be at the heart of the issue, as it has been mooted that World Pride doesn’t have the sufficient equipment necessary to guarantee the safety of the event. If this is the case, then City Hall is able to officially turn the event into a protest under the police’s authority, despite the object of the event being something rather different.