Annie Lennox lauds importance of International Women’s Day

Veteran singer Annie Lennox has highlighted why International Women’s Day is such an important celebration.

Taking place on March 8th, the occasion will see events taking place all over the world that celebrate womenhood and examine issues affecting females.

Former Eurythmics star Lennox said: “International Women’s Day is the perfect time to reignite the debate about what a more equal world would look like with a new generation and to finish the work of the women and men who paved the way before us.”

The official International Women’s Day website lists 132 activities taking place in the UK, but there may be other groups of ladies using event spaces to celebrate the day in their own way.

First officially observed in 1911, the occasion is a national holiday in many countries and has equivalent status to Mother’s Day in certain nations, with men giving gifts to female loved ones and colleagues.

Discussing the options available to people wanting to celebrate this year, Oxfam representative Lisa Buckingham told that women can do “anything”.

While the theme of the get-togethers is completely open, she encouraged organisers to try to raise some money for women around the world who are living in poverty.