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Anti-beer tax campaign set to be stepped up

The campaign to abolish the beer duty escalator is being stepped up, according to

Plans to increase the amount of tax on beer have been met with a negative response. The TaxPayers Alliance has distributed promotional beer mats around the country as part of the campaign to prevent the tax increase from happening.

The ‘Mash Beer Tax’ campaign is encouraging people to email their local MP voicing their displeasure at the tax increase. The beer mats highlight the amount of tax people currently pay on beer in the UK. reports beer duty as having risen by over 40 per cent over the past four years, with around a third of the cost of a pint being made up of tax.

Owners of function venues, as well as pubs, may welcome the campaign as general costs could rise if the tax increase is made. Other alternatives such as wine and spirits may need to be offered if people choose to stop spending on beer.

The chief executive of the TaxPayers Alliance, Matthew Sinclair, said: “The abolition of the Beer Duty Escalator is long overdue and a freeze in the rate at this year’s Budget would help people coping with so many other pressures on their finances.”