Apple TV recommended for conference rooms

Despite only boasting moderate sales in the UK, Apple TV has been touted as an ideal device for conference centres.

Writing for, technology journalist Joel Mathis praised the device’s ability to wirelessly link iOS devices – like the iPad and iPhone – to televisions for use in meetings. 

Although Apple TV’s main function is to play digital content from online stores like iTunes, the device can also act as a projection system and, costing just under £100, the price of the box comes in at a fraction of its competitors. 

Other technology journalists like Ronan Price, writing for, have recently picked up on the black box’s ability to connect to Apple’s various mobile devices – putting gaming apps on television screens – but Mr Mathis believes the device could play a huge part for businesses, too.

In his article, the Mac specialist stated: “Turns out that, by making it easy for workers with AirPlay-enabled iPhones and iPads to wirelessly project their presentations to the big screen, the Apple TV can in fact be a useful business tool.”

The praise didn’t just come from article writers. When asked by Mr Mathis about what the system could do for businesses, an analyst for consumer market research company NYD Group, Ben Arnold said: “For now it’s an interesting proposition, a good way to present a company’s application from iOs device.”

He went on tell companies: “If you’ve set up your workforce with iPhones and iPads, then for the time being it’s good.”