‘Apprentice’ winner confirms engagement

The recently-crowned winner of the ‘Apprentice’, Tom Pellereau, has confirmed his engagement to fellow brainiac, engineer Sarah Fawcus.

According to The Sun, Pellereau met his fiance just weeks before he began filming episodes for the hit television show – which he was declared the winner of on Sunday night.

The pair became engaged not long after, during the month of June and are allegedly planning a “geek” wedding. It is unknown how this theme will be integrated into the Central London wedding reception venue, catering or outfits, but Pellereau did confirmed it would be a great event.

He told Heatworld.com: “We are both big geeks and the wedding is going to be big fun. I am very fortunate that I met Sarah before all this started. She is an engineer as well so she is very well-grounded.

“As soon as I heard I had won I spoke to her – she thinks it [is] all mad and insane.”

The pair haven’t announced any dates for their wedding; instead, the focus has more been on Pellereau’s more recent news. He admitted that he was “the most unlikely winner ever” of the Apprentice and that it came as a shock to him.

However the 32-year-old inventor did admit that he was truly “elated” about the outcome.