Apps designed to help people plan events

Those who have booked their conference space or event venues but are slightly stumped as to the next step should consider downloading one of the many event-planning applications that are on offer.

That’s according to, which suggested that: “The smartphone has changed the way we function as human beings,” adding that it had “an effect on the meetings industry.”

Applications such as Grupio could help corporate event organisers to help keep things running smoothly ahead of the big day.

It is thought this particular app “makes attending a conference, trade show or even a richer experience,” as it gives users access to every single detail pertaining to the event. Live updates from the event’s organisers can also be posted via Grupio, providing real-time updates to delegates or attendees.

Furthermore, Event Genie, a “secure programme for messaging and personalised agenda” can help delegates to discover which seminars, sessions and discussions being held at a conference are best-suited to their interests.

This helps them to plan their time effectively, and can even allow them to download event media (such as exhibitor brochures, slides presented by speakers etc.)

Lastly, recommended Supper Planner, a less formal app designed to help those staging a party of event to calculate the food and drink required, as well as providing handy tips on staging and projects. The different aspects of the app are divided into Audiovisual, and Food and Beverage.